Apr 21, 2014
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Inputs Monitor Regional Market Report -- 1/21/2013

January 21, 2013
By: Davis Michaelsen, Pro Farmer Inputs Monitor Editor

NASS Map edited cropped (3)

Inputs Monitor Regional Index Composite 1.832 points lower week-over -- a 0.39% decline to 457.806. All nutrient fell with the exception of UAN28.

Anhydrous down $2.00 to $879.08; UAN28 adds $0.83 to $375.41 -- a .22% increase; UAN32 falls $0.78 lower to $414.55; Urea moves $2.75 lower to $563.41.

DAP dives $8.08 lower to $640.33; MAP sheds a modest $0.41 to $657.50.

Potash moves another $3.25 lower to $585.08 as India signs a long term contract for K at 8% below market value.

Farm diesel $0.044 lower to $3.433; LP slightly lower -- declining $0.006 to $1.433.

*A secondary analysis follows. These figures exclude statistical highs and lows...

With high/low figures excluded (HLEx), Inputs Monitor Regional Index Composite 0.84 lower week-over to 457.910 -- a 0.18% dip to the low.

Anhydrous falls $1.50 to $878.70; UAN28 higher $0.90 to $376.20; UAN32 $0.43 lower to $414.14; Urea drops $2.30 -- 0.40% lower to $562.30.

DAP $0,50 lower to $643.47 -- a 0.07% decline; MAP moves $0.70 lower to $657.10.

Potash drops another $3.00 to $584.20 -- a 0.51% decline.

Farm diesel dips $0.059 to $3.427 per gallon; LP upticks slightly -- adding two-and-a-half cents to $1.424.

Check your local pricing on LP. Now may be a good time to top off as a cold snap may push pricing higher. LP spent several weeks in decline to arrive where it is today. If these colder temps push prices higher in the short-run, it may take several weeks to return to these seasonal lows.

Differential between the two analyses (standard figures v. HLEx) stands at 0.104 -- a 0.022% margin with the HLEx analysis on top at 457.910.



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