Apr 19, 2014
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Weekly Fuel Report -- 1/23/2013

January 23, 2013
By: Davis Michaelsen, Pro Farmer Inputs Monitor Editor

nozzle National gasoline and highway diesel prices rose during the report week -- gasoline pricing remained below year-ago levels while highway diesel stayed above.


Average national retail price for regular gasoline climbed 0.012 to 3.315 per gallon -- 0.074 below year-ago prices.

East Coast gasoline down 0.027 to 3.420; Midwest region posted the sharpest increase during the week, adding 0.068 to 3.224; Gulf Coast 0.013 lower to 3.152; Rocky Mountain gasoline 0.013 higher to 2.880 and West Coast 0.012 higher to 3.503.

Highway Diesel --

National average price for highway diesel 0.008 higher nationwide, ending the report week at 3.902 -- 0.054 above year-ago.

East Coast 0.002 lower to an even 4.000; Midwest highway diesel up 0.011 to 3.845; Gulf Coast 0.007 higher to 3.831; Rocky Mountain regional diesel increases 0.072 to 3.678 and West Coast regional diesel up 0.016 to end the week higher at 4.004.

Crude Oil --

Crude oil has been exploring the top end of the range since last week, running up nearly to $97.00 per barrel. But a correction to the downside late today broke week-old support from January 17th at $95.15 suggesting a fresh range may be ahead in the short-term between $95 and $96.00.

March 13 Crude fell 1.11 today to end at $95.57.


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