Apr 19, 2014
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Weekly Fuel Report -- 2/7/2013

February 7, 2013
By: Davis Michaelsen, Pro Farmer Inputs Monitor Editor

nozzleNational gasoline and highway diesel prices rose across the board again for the second consecutive report week and while a few spots saw gasoline declines compared to the same time last year, diesel rallies week-over and year-over.


Average national retail price for regular gasoline climbed $0.181 to $3.538 per gallon -- $0.056 above year-ago prices.

East Coast gasoline up $0.143 to $3.591; Midwest region adding $0.224 to $3.513; Gulf Coast $0.168 higher to $3.332; Rocky Mountain gasoline moves $0.163 higher to $3.144 and West Coast $0.193 higher to $3.738.

Highway Diesel --

National average price for highway diesel $0.095 higher nationwide, ending the report week at $4.022 -- $0.166 above year-ago.

East Coast $0.065 higher to $4.088; Midwest highway diesel up $0.112 to $3.978; Gulf Coast $0.096 higher to $3.941; Rocky Mountain regional diesel increases $0.108 to $3.844 and West Coast regional diesel up $0.130 to end the week higher at $4.166.

Crude Oil --

March 2013 Crude oil has been all over the place in the last few days running up to $98.10 per barrel on Friday. The March contract is moving sharply lower this afternoon -- currently down on the day by $0.76 after falling steeply from $97.20. Support below $95.10 will have to be broken to make more downside room. Current resistance is set just above $97.00 which is disconcertingly close to psychological resistance at an even $100.eialogo

March 13 WTI Crude at $95.86 at mid-day.

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