Apr 16, 2014
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Inputs Insights

RSS By: Davis Michaelsen, Pro Farmer

Inputs Monitor Editor Davis Michaelsen adds his perspective into the happenings of the inputs markets.

January in Review -- The News

Feb 01, 2013

Expect a full wrap-up of nutrient pricing from your Inputs Monitor Regional report on Monday. In the news, January was a good month internationally for Potash while U.S. Phosphate production outpaced demand.

Meanwhile, as news comes in suggesting the Mississippi River may not be in as bad shape as predicted earlier, an unexpected hiccup has river traffic at a standstill. Click on the links below for the stories.

China Inks Deal for Canadian K -- At Last

China had postponed a seasonal purchase in the fall of 2012, but struck a deal at a price point setting discount. The size of the order suggests Chinese buyers see more room to the downside for Canadian K.

India Seeks K at the Source

India makes two moves. One finds them owning a 20% stake and the other, an 8% discount below market value for twenty years.

U.S. Phosphate Production on the Rise

U.S. DAP/MAP inventories are still 4% below year-ago levels, but a decline in U.S. Phosphate exports coupled with a 6% increase in production have placed supplies just 3% below five-year levels.

Incorporated Manure a Good Source of P

The University of Minnesota Extension provides insight on efficiently utilizing manure to enrich your nutrient profile.

Oil Spill on the Mississippi

A barge allided with the Vicksburg Railroad bridge, spilling light crude into the Mississippi River. The cleanup has traffic halted.


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