Apr 23, 2014
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expanded crop tour coverage

Get up-to-date precipitation, growth stage and GDU information before, during and after the 2013 Crop Tour.

Expanded coverage includes reports and photos from DuPont Pioneer agronomy experts.

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red color - denotes required fields
use whole numbers only



Number of ears, that will make grain, in two (2), thirty (30) foot rows:

No. Ears, Row 1:

No. Ears, Row 2:

Use the fifth, eighth and eleventh ear from one sample row.

Length of grain, in
inches, on three ears

Kernel rows around
each of the 3 ears

Row width
in the field


Average yield at that
spot in your field

See the full map Click on a number to see full data.
To see Counties select State from drop-down.

Safety Warning: This procedure is safer if two people work together.  If you are not experienced working in tall corn – go with someone who is experienced.  Safety glasses, gloves, and sturdy boots are recommended.  To avoid getting lost in tall corn – tell someone where you will be, stay close to a road, keep your bearings, and carry a cell phone.

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