By Chris Barron

  • World Wheat Market Favors U.S. Growers

    07/26/2016 03:15 PM

    Production challenges in Europe could spell opportunity for American farmers, says Jim Bower, Bower Trading.

  • Is Your Community Home to a FFA Star Finalist?
    07/26/2016 02:12 PM

    The future of agriculture never fails to show flashes of excellence from the National FFA Organization. The group has just announced 16 students across the U.S. as finalists for its 2016 top achievement awards.

  • Intrexon Proposes 'Controlled Flowering' to Boost Yields
    07/26/2016 01:32 PM

    “Controlled flowering has the potential to achieve dramatic increases in yield and vigor.” 

  • Dicamba Drift Stirs Pot of Farm Trouble
    07/26/2016 01:02 PM

    In a farming age where the grip of Palmer amaranth intensifies and expands each season, dicamba controversy is exploding beyond fields of Monsanto’s Xtend soybeans.

  • 6 Things You Need to Know about the Soybean Market Right Now
    07/26/2016 12:12 PM

    Farmers may feel anxious over recent dips in soybean futures, and bearish summer weather forecasts, but they shouldn’t worry. Why? Because of export superstar China with its continuing strong demand, according to Rich Nelson, chief strategist for the marketing firm Allendale, in McHenry, Ill.  Here are six takeaways from Allendale’s latest soybean market outlook.

  • Machinery Pete Dissects the Newest Tractor Trends
    07/26/2016 10:22 AM

    What’s hot with used equipment? Used farm equipment expert Greg Peterson – a.k.a. “Machinery Pete – says he some “fascinating data” has turned up on over the past week.

  • 'Tips Notebook' Tackles Common Tractor Questions
    07/25/2016 03:24 PM

    How should you properly store off-season equipment? What’s the best way to get a tractor unstuck? What are the most handy implements you should buy first? John Deere and Frontier Equipment have answered a few dozen questions like this with articles and video tutorials with its new website.

  • Balance GT Soybeans Receive EU Approval
    07/25/2016 01:28 PM

    Bayer and MS Technologies gained EU food and feed approval for the upcoming soybean trait technology Balance GT. The product will be accepted for import into the region.

  • Who Gets Paid First?
    07/25/2016 12:00 PM

    Here's how you can stay on top of bills without losing any sleep.

  • Purdue Student Startup Dazzles with Drones
    07/25/2016 10:52 AM

    Interested in saving some money on the farm? A group of Purdue University students have created a drone startup company called Aerial Agriculture LLC they say can help farmers reduce excess fertilizer and input costs, and increase yields.