Farming the Kenyan Way


Top Producer Editor Jeanne Bernick is traveling through Kenya on the International Federation of Ag Journalists/AgriTerra E-4-D tour. The goal of this tour is to shed light on co-op work in Kenyan agriculture.


You can follow her travels here or on twitter at #topproducermag.

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Jeanne's Travelogue from Africa

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    The generation is composed of 80 million U.S. residents, many of whom are happy to shell out extra cash for food that’s organic, sustainably sourced and locally sourced, according to market research published in February 2017.

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    02/23/2017 01:42 PM

    DroneDeply announces it is collaborating with CNH Industrial to offer a new drone data package called PLM Drone Data Manager, which can help farmers collect aerial data mapping for their operation. Ideally, the technology can help uncover any number of in-season opportunities, such as adjusting a fertilizer program on the go or identifying pests or analyzing plant counts and stand establishment.

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    There's a common sentiment, especially among people who remember the halcyon mid-century, that the middle class and middle America have been hollowed by globalization. That may be true. If so, it's great news for younger Americans -- because thanks to those same forces of globalization, the hollowed-out communities in the middle of the country are now attractive places to build a life.