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Top Producer Web Extras

  • Family Meeting Fundamentals

    03/29/2017 02:58 AM

    The succession-planning process is complex and lengthy. 

  • 5 Ways to Enrich Your Team
    03/29/2017 02:45 AM

    Use these tips to attract and manage employees  

  • Leverage Retailer Relationships
    03/29/2017 02:42 AM

    Collaborate for best financial outcomes

  • Market Strategy: Acreage Surprises
    03/29/2017 02:39 AM

    The Planting Intentions report due March 31 from USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service could significantly affect prices. 

  • Head to Head: Spring Trends to Follow
    03/29/2017 02:37 AM

    With the initial acreage discussion nearly behind us, the attention of the markets will shift to weather. In addition, there seems to be a battle between investment money flowing into commodities versus large Southern Hemisphere crops. Can you discuss these factors and any surprises producers should watch for as they make spring pricing decisions?

  • Perspective: It's Time To Take Interest in Your Conflicts
    03/29/2017 02:30 AM

    The phrase “conflict of interest” could get worn out soon as observers remark on the surprising unconcern by the public over actions by political figures in matters where they have an economic stake. 

  • Don't Stress Out
    03/29/2017 02:29 AM

    Instead, test farm financials to answer what-if questions

  • Top of Mind: Your Business Edge
    03/29/2017 02:20 AM

    As you clock some long tractor time this spring, ponder this: What sets your operation apart from the one down the road? Can you clearly define your competitive advantage?

  • Prepare to Thrive
    03/29/2017 02:19 AM

    The young farmer conference will feature management insights, networking

  • Deferred Tax Dilemma
    03/29/2017 02:17 AM

    Take steps to manage around, and pay down, a large bill