Jul 29, 2014
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Dealing with a scour outbreak

March 23, 2009

Sometimes, no matter how many preventive measures you take, calf scours show up in the best-managed herds. "Still, you should be prepared for an outbreak every year, developing a program with your veterinarian focusing on detection, isolation, diagnosis and treatment," says Rick Rasby, University of Nebraska beef cattle specialist.

  • Pre-plan a course of action with your veterinarian and implement it immediately when the first case occurs.
  • Isolate affected calves immediately and do not expose healthy calves since scours organisms are highly contagious and spread rapidly through contact and even inhalation.
  • Identify the causative organism. Your veterinarian may recommend sampling the stool of a sick calf to culture and identify the causative organism.
  • Prevent dehydration, since this is usually the most immediate concern with scours. Your veterinarian can outline a fluid therapy to be used.

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FEATURED IN: Beef Today - Mid-February 2009

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What a worthless 'Filler article'...scours bad...talk to your veterinarian. How about adding some facts or information and perhaps examples of common programs recommended by veterinarians?
7:52 PM Jul 15th



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