Sep 16, 2014
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USDA: Dryness Worsens in Central Russia

May 2, 2012
By: Julianne Johnston, Pro Farmer Digital Managing Editor

USDA's Joint Ag Weather Facility has provided the following weekly weather/crop highlights:

  • EUROPE: Widespread Rain Alleviates Spring Dryness
    - Rain continues to provide a late boost to reproductive to filling wheat and barley in Spain.
    - Widespread, locally heavy rain alleviates spring dryness and improves prospects for small grains and oilseeds in England, France, Italy, and western Germany.

  • NORTHWESTERN AFRICA: Additional Showers Benefit Winter Crops
    - Showers benefit filling winter grains in northern Morocco.
    - Sunny skies in Algeria and Tunisia favor reproductive to filling winter wheat and barley.

  • MIDDLE EAST: Warm Weather Accelerates Winter Grain Development
    - Warm, dry weather accelerates cotton planting and winter crop growth from Turkey into western Iran. However, showers are returning to Turkey.

  • FSU: Western Rain Contrasts With Unseasonable Warmth And Dryness In The East
    - Showers persist across Belarus, Ukraine, and western Russia, slowing fieldwork but boosting soil moisture for winter wheat, barley, and rapeseed.
    - Unseasonably warm, dry weather continues in Kazakhstan and central Russia, favoring field preparations for spring wheat planting but reducing soil moisture.

  • SOUTH ASIA: Seasonably Hot Weather Continues
    - Seasonably hot weather and adequate irrigation spur early cotton development in northern India.

  • EAST ASIA: Heavy Showers Favor Wheat
    - Widespread showers boost moisture supplies for flowering winter wheat in China.

  • SOUTHEAST ASIA: Pre-Monsoon Rains In Thailand
    - Pre-monsoon rainfall in eastern Thailand helps prepare soils for rice transplanting.

  • AUSTRALIA: Cool, Wet Weather Returns To The East
    - In southern Queensland and northern New South Wales, cool, wet weather slows cotton and sorghum harvesting, but maintains abundant moistures supplies in advance of winter wheat planting.

  • SOUTH AMERICA: A Killing Freeze Covers Argentina’s Southern Farming Areas
    - Freezing weather ends the growing season for late-planted soybeans and corn in Argentina's southernmost farming areas.
    - Rain increases moisture for secondary (safrinha) corn in key production areas of Brazil.

  • MEXICO: Drier Weather Prevails
    - Dry weather promotes sugarcane and corn planting in eastern production areas, but additional, more widespread rain is needed to boost topsoil moisture for planting in other locations.


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