Sep 16, 2014
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Read the latest crop reports from the fields across America! Also, submit your own comments.

December Crop Comments

Dec 29, 2011

Use this link to send us your comments (or e-mail about the crops in your local area. Be sure to send us your photos and videos! Comments will be edited for brevity and clarity. (Please keep your comments crop-related.

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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying: 

  • 12/29 - Norman County, Minn.: Not a speck of snow here on 12-28-11. We went into the winter very dry. I do not think we have had 1/2 inch of precipitation since August. We need some moisture to get anything to grow in the spring.

  • 12/28 - Northeast Nebraska: Good crops this year but very dry now. We’ve not had a good rain since the middle of August.

  • 12/28 - Spink County, S.D.: Weather has been great all fall in SD. We have done many jobs that have been on the back burner for several years including tiling ground the week before Christmas. 40 bu. beans and 150ish corn this year were good for how wet it was early on.

  • 12/28 - Cayuga County, N.Y.: We live 20 miles west of Syracuse. Last year this time 80 inches of snow 200 inches for season. This year no snow for Christmas and 0.7 for season so far.


  • 12/23 - Lancaster County, Pa.: I am thankful but ready to put 2011 to bed. Rainfall here in Lancaster County exceeded 6 feet, normal rainfall is 40-44 inches and we have had in excess of 72 inches YTD. I was only able to sell 50 % of soybean crop. The remaining crop, primarily the full season beans are unmarketable, except at a severe discount. We will feed them to our cattle and not purchase DDG’s. The analysis shows normal to above normal fat and protein, but the beans are shriveled and mostly purple in color… just not expectable to the markets in this area. Double crop beans after wheat and barley were in the 50-55 bpa range.

    Corn yields were disappointing, between 125-150, but basis is at least +$1.00, so the poorest corn sales to date are all +$7.00 delivered less than 10 miles.

    Cattle feeding margins are strong as the packer is offering contracts at + basis for deferred cattle later in the year. I can lock in market price for my feed plus $100 head. Hope rains eternal… there is always next year.

    Family is healthy and all close home, living within 1 mile and employed in ag related careers they enjoy. A healthy 17 month grandchild to celebrate Christmas this year and another one on the way is a blessing. Thank you Jesus.

  • 12/22 - Western Walsh County, northeast North Dakota: Just a week till Christmas and no snow yet. I'm loving this brown landscape! Temp was 51°F in Grand Forks yesterday! The ice fishermen are the only ones complaining about the weather. Lots of seed shopping going on. Certified barley seed is very hard to find. The best varieties of hard red spring wheat have been selling well. We have been looking to contract new crop edible beans, but the local processors are not getting commitments from their canning customers very it becomes a waiting game.

  • 12/22 - Henry County, Ohio: It is officially the wettest year since records have been kept with today's rainfall. Well over 48 inches. 16 inches more than normal. Still some standing corn and beans in county, which is standing in water.

  • 12/22 - East central Iowa: Weather has been great here. No snow yet. Temps in the low 30s during the day and 20s during the night. This is opposite of last year at this time. I think we had 2-3 snowstorms and a lot colder temps. Roads have been perfect for getting corn to town. Video is of 8th day after startup. Cows are adapting extremely well. Video courtesy of scotthinch’s YouTube channel.

  • 12/19 - Wilbur, Wash.: To say it's dry in the inland Northwest is an understatement. Record-setting lack of moisture. Along Highway 2, rainfall since July 1 totals less than 2 inches. Planted winter wheat stands look good so far and there is good subsoil moisture. As always, without good rains in May-June the subsoil moisture doesn't do much good. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's  
  • 12/19 - Southern Hancock County, Ohio: On Dec. 10, we finally got our corn 150 bu. with 23 & 24 moisture. Mold and cracks. Also took off the beans we couldn't get to until the ground froze. Their moisture was 21. Had to find an elevator that would take them. The combine driver commented that it was odd taking corn and beans off while looking at Christmas lights. Thank God we are finally finished for this year. Merry Christmas to all!
  • 12/16 - McIntosh County, N.D: Corn crop was above average, hilltops were better than low areas due to excess moisture in July. Not much precip since mid Sept. Topsoil is dry, no snow. We may not have a white Christmas.
  • 12/14 - East central Iowa: Focus has shifted to starting two Lely robotic milk machines. Weather is perfect, no snow, not cold, temps in the 30s to mid 40s. Extended forecast has no threatening weather in it for now.


  • 12/13 - LaMoure County, N.D.: Fall 2011 was dry, the best harvest conditions ever had. Lots of fall tillage. We're ready for more corn acres for 2012. Thanks for good 85-day hybrid corn seed.

  • 12/13 - Benton/Warren counties, Ind.: Crops were very good in our area, although you didn't have to go far west to get into some areas that were severely impacted by hot, dry weather. Our corn averaged 185 bpa with beans at 55 bpa. Not close to our best, but still very satisfactory results. All NH3 applied except about 60 acres we would like to have finished, but we'll be in good shape for spring.

  • 12/13 - Caldwell County, Mo.: We are planting 40% corn and 60% beans and no-tilling 80% of the beans.



  • 12/12 - Stutsman County, N.D.: Our 2011 crop was horrid, with drowned-out spots from excessive precipitation. For 2012, we will plant 40% corn acres and 60% soybean acres on our eastern North Dakota farm. No wheat will be planted. This will be a first "no wheat" year since homesteading in 1888.

  • 12/12 - Barber County, Kan.: 95% of wheat has emerged in our area. We have been blessed with some recent rains to put us at 50%-75% of annual rainfall. We need another 6"-8" of moisture to reach last year's wheat yield potential. There is very little wheat pasture for cattle. Row crop bookings (under irrigation) have all been reported as short season corn or low population/full maturity for next year. No beans have been booked for next year's planting intentions. No dryland corn or dryland beans have been booked due to lack of subsoil moisture. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's    

  • 12/12 - East central Iowa: This video was taken Dec.7. The ground was frozen 2" in some spots (15°F Tuesday night). We got down to 6°F Saturday morning, so it's safe to say that fall work has come to an end. Video courtesy of scotthinch’s YouTube channel.


  • 12/7 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Just returned from Dayton, Ohio via Indianapolis, Peoria, and across Iowa on Hwy 34. Where are all the no-till fields I read about in the farm mags? It looks like the whole Corn Belt has been fall farmed! I see some NH3 still being applied, but that probably has come to a screeching halt as it's 12 below zero this a.m. here in central Nebraska. Most of the fall work has been done in this area. Our soybean yields averaged 81 bu. this fall, but corn yields were generally 20-25 bu. below average, mainly because of the terrific windstorm on July 10. Most fields damaged from 5%-90%. Our corn yielded 177 bu. average. Not good. I have done a cash flow for next season and need $4.17 @ 190 bu. for a break-even. We have decided on 60-40 corn-bean for next year, which is a few more bean acres than usual. Also, we will not be using any Roundup on corn this year. Happy holidays!

  • 12/7 - East central Iowa: We’ve been doing a little fall ripping. Videos courtesy of scotthinch’s YouTube channel.

  • 12/7 - Mercer County, northwestern Illinois: We had a good safe harvest in western Illinois.  Corn yields were variable, from good to very poor. Beans very good.
    12 7 11 IL
    12 7 11 IL 3
    12 7 11 IL 2

    -- Mercer County, northwestern Illinois

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 12/5 - Henry County, Ohio: Another 1½" in rain guage this morning. Very close to 25" since Sept. 1. I can still see corn standing every direction I look. Also know where several fields of soybeans are standing. Like my two-year-old daughter says, A BIG MESS!

  • 12/5 - Dallam County, Texas: Finished corn on Monday. Yields where either good or bad. Wheat needs rain or snow. Glad to get this year over with. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's    

  • 12/5 - Summit County, Ohio: The rains have kept a lot of us out of the fields as of late. I personally still have a 30-acre field of corn yet to go and a 35-acre field of beans still out.  These two fields are so wet that I will now have to wait until the ground freezes to get in. I have decided to call the landowner on the corn field and ask about their long-term plans with the ground. If it is going to remain as is, I am going to look into subsurface drainage. A bit of a risk on rented ground, but all in all, it is really nice ground. I was down in Stark County on Wednesday, and I saw a lot of corn and beans still out. This has been our worst fall and spring in many years.
    12 5 11 Ohio

    -- Summit County, Ohio

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 12/5 - Lebanon, Ind.: Harvest at Herr Farms. Everything went great until our last field. Slip clutch went on the corn head and had to borrow a neighbor’s corn head, so that’s why we're running a plastic corn head at the end of the video. Video courtesy of 8300JohnDeere's YouTube channel.

  • 12/5 - East central Iowa: See the last few videos from our 2011 harvest. These last fields are severely goosenecked, but it could be much worse. Videos courtesy of scotthinch’s YouTube channel.







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