Sep 19, 2014
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Ask HSUS President Wayne Pacelle

Jan 10, 2011

On Wednesday, I am scheduled to sit down with Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). While the details are not final as of yet, I hope to ask him about HSUS actions in Missouri (if you remember, Mo. Prop. B passed in November), and future plans for the organization nationwide in regards to animal agriculture.

If you had a few minutes with Pacelle, what questions would you ask?

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COMMENTS (13 Comments)

averagemaninthecountry - Gordon, NE
Sara and Greg,
You asked Wayne for examples of farmer's who were meeting his expectations. It is fascinating that he did not tell you about this:

Whole Foods announced today that they were implementing the animal welfare labels per global animal partnership.

Fascinating that his fellow board members did not spring to mind in response to your question.
9:29 PM Feb 2nd
Wayne Pacelle didn't even begin to tell the truth. He said their only issue with cattlemen was with downer cows. What about the billboards they have up in PA that say "Graze every day". What idiot doesn't know the weather doesn't allow grazing every day in PA? He said they support humane slaughter yet they passed an anti-horse slaughter law in TX to close humane slaughter houses. Now old, infirm, crippled horses are dying lingering deaths because there is no place to send them. He says the HSUS doesn't have to fund animal shelters because somebody else is doing that, yet they show on TV pitiful pictures of dogs and cats in shelters and plea for money to improve their lives, even promising pictures of the pet you are sponsoring. Well, his compost pile of misinformation is getting deeper and deeper. I hope people open their eyes to what HSUS's agenda really is!
9:38 AM Jan 21st

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