Sep 22, 2014
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A medical term for vegetarians

Feb 26, 2009

By Steve Cornett

Those of you who criticize the New York Times should go over to their site and read the story about how damaging dietary fetishes can be. Follow this link to the story.

It’s an uncommonly (these days) common-sense approach to the dangers shouldered by people who approach nutrition with the simplistic “good food, bad food” attitude that leads to goofy things like bulimia, anorexia and other abnormal forms of vegetarianism.

Plus, the article includes a fine new word I hope I can remember: orthorexia, meaning people who starve their foolish selves because they think it is unethical to eat certain things.

To my reading of the word, we no longer need refer to the different species of meat-avoiders as “vegetarian” or “vegan” or “emaciated.” We should just call them orthorexics and refer them to a good counselor for treatment.


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COMMENTS (23 Comments)

Judy Oakwood Loudin
I agree that vegans and vegetarians can live healthfully without meat. I have developed severe chronic pancreatitis in the past 5 years, and can no longer digest animals fats and oils. So my protein must come of necessity from grains and dairy products(non fat).As an animal rescuer, I have always had trouble with eating meat, but as a farm girl, this was my early experiences. Now in my later years, I am finding that many of our family illnesses probably came from the farm diet that we all grew up on. But back then, we did not have the research that now tells us the dangers of an excess of red meat and fatty foods (either before or because of preparation practices. My father died from a heart condition, my husband has a heart condition, and now I find that I have probably had pancreatitis for my entire life(who knows if it was due to my diet as I grew up or not)and it has finally destroyed the digestive function of the pancreas. Many of my friends have been lifelong vegetarians: now of necessity, I will be joining them. As far as livestock production, I have always had problems with the methods of handling and killing of all animals for meat. That has not changed! Many animals are cruelly treated and handled in the "system" of food production. And yes, we now know that we don't need to eat meat to survive: early man didn't and we don't have to either. It is a choice.
1:39 PM Jan 17th
Mat Thomas
You obviously know nothing about veganism. Champion Ultimate Fighter Max Danzig ( is vegan. There are also vegan bodybuilders and football players. Next time you want to talk about vegans, educate yourself about the facts before you spout off like a complete idiot, ok?
10:55 PM Mar 15th

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