Sep 19, 2014
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Clowning around

Jan 04, 2010




What is it about clowns? Some people find clowns amusing but I, like many other people I have met over the years find them very disturbing. Oh, I guess I could blame lack of enthusiasm for clowns on the time I was five or six and my brother and I were watching a parade and we were both sticking our hands out to shake hands with the clown walking by but he completely dissed us. It wasn’t scary by any means but my brother and I felt completely ignored. I’m sure it was nothing personal. There were hundreds of kids all sticking their hands out all trying to shake hands with the clown. How could he possibly shake all of our hands? Apparently that ability is left to those really scary bozos otherwise known to the rest of us as politicians.

 Lots of clowning around at: !

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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

...22-year-old SON...
3:04 AM Jan 4th
To this day, my now 22-year-old won ***swears*** that clowns are the embodiment of all things evil. His older brother used to scare him with a clown mask when they were small.
3:03 AM Jan 4th

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