Sep 17, 2014
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Rubes Cartoons - Tales from a Twisted Mind

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A cartoonish look at life...


Feb 02, 2010

Nothing says “I love you.” more than a prenup. When my wife and I were married we had essentially nothing (not much has changed except we’ve acquired a bunch of stuff that I’d just as soon stick out in front of my house with a “FREE!” sign attached) but each other so the question of a pre-nup never even entered our minds. It must be at least a little bit uncomfortable broaching the subject for young couple in love that are not of similarly equal means in the money department. ”Darling, this big diamond engagement ring may last forever but with half of today’s marriages eventually ending up on the rocks I’d like you to sign this document which entitles you to a fraction of my enormous net worth.” Not exactly the stuff of fairy tales is it? But then again maybe sometimes prenups really are necessary. After all, what happens when the young damsel in distress eventually finds out that her prince is no charmer, or the handsome knight in shining armor discovers his true love has been out “kissing” other frogs behind his back? Sure, it would be bad, but without a prenup the situation would be even more Grimm.


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