Sep 20, 2014
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May 2010 Archive for Your Favorite Tractor

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Here’s your chance to share a photo of your favorite tractor.

1954 Ford Jubilee

May 25, 2010

Cover tractor of the month, Fastline Texas edition.


Owned and restored by Harvey and Diane Hivnor, Willis, Texas
This tractor has been in the Hivnor family since its was new in 1954 when Harvey’s uncle and dad bought it in Morgan County, Ohio. The tractor has a Sherman transmission, which gives it 12 forward and 3 reverse gears. The tractor is original with a 6-volt system. It is used on and around the ranch in Willis, Texas.
To see the online eFastline edition, click here.

1941 Minneapolis-Moline R

May 24, 2010

The 1941 Minneaplis-Moline Model R row-crop tractor with enclosed cab was another attempt by M-M to aid operator comfort. But for a tractor that was used for crop cultivation during many weeks in the hot summer, it lacked what it most needed: air-conditioning. Like the big UDLX, the R sold too poorly to be a success. An operator could watch the tractor’s front-mounted two-row cultivator through the lower front cab windows. Paul and Kay Weiss of Reinbeck, Iowa bought this R to accompany their UDLX Comfortractor.














This tractor was featured in the book “The Farm Tractor: 100 Years of North American Tractors,” which is available at bookstores and online booksellers and from


"The Farm Tractor" first published in 2007 by MBI Publishing Company and Voyageur Press, an imprint of MBI Publishing Company and the Quayside Publishing Group. Copyright © 2007,  2009 by Ralph W. Sanders. 

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1951 John Deere R

May 20, 2010

Cover Tractor of the month, Fastline Far West Edition


Owned by Harley Baumeister


Harley has owned this tractor for about 10 years, and it is very special to him. The original owner was a neighbor and his son was one of Harley’s best friends growing up. Both have passed away, and Harley always has fond memories of them when using this tractor. Also, this tractor represents the first and only restoration project that he, his father and brother have ever worked on.


To see the online eFastline edition, click here.


1960 Chamberlain Canelander

May 12, 2010

This tractor was featured for the month of May in the 2010 Classic Farm Tractor Calendar.


G’day Mate! That’s a salutation from Australia, and so is the tractor. Chamberlain tractors were built in Welshpool from 1949 to 1986. The Canelander was a short-run model made from 1959 to 1968 and has an adjustable tread for row-crop cane; most were standard-tread models. Deere bought a stake in the company in the 1970s, and it became Chamberlain John Deere. However, it was more profitable for Deere to import its own tractors, so production ceased—and Chamberlains are now quite collectible. This one’s rated at 60 hp.

Owner: Darius Harms

St. Joseph, Illinois


Nationally known, Darius has numerous unique IH models in his collection of interesting classics. He has the propensity to get a job done and is a leader in the I&I Club’s Historic Farm Days, the Half-Century of Progress event, as well as Red Power Roundup activities. The house in the background was built by Darius’s grandfather.


The world-famous Classic Farm Tractor Calendar from Classic Tractor Fever is in its 21st year of publication with the 2010 calendar available now. They have calendars, videos, books, and much, much, more. Click here to visit their online shop.

Tractor Trendsetters: Oliver Hart-Parr 70

May 10, 2010

Tractor Trendsetters: Oliver Hart-Parr 70
Written by Larry Gay

The Oliver Farm Equipment Company added a second row-crop tractor to its line in the fall of 1935. The Oliver Hart-Parr Row Crop 70 continued to display both the Oliver and Hart-Parr names and featured a 6-cylinder engine and a styled appearance. There was a grill over the radiator and side panels with vertical louvers enclosed the engine compartment. Oscar Eggen, Oliver’s Chief Tractor Engineer, was a student of the automobile industry and applied the trends he observed in autos to this new model of tractor.

The Oliver Hart-Parr 70, with a 2-plow rating, was powered by a 6-cylinder Continental 201-cubic-inch engine built to Oliver’s specifications. There was a choice of two types of the engine, the HC high-compression engine for 70-octane gasoline and the lower-compression KD engine for kerosene or distillate. The two levels of compression were obtained with different cylinder heads and manifolds. The 70 model number was derived from the 70-octane gasoline requirement.

The transmission provided four forward speeds, ranging from 2.4 to 5.9 mph. The seat was unique with a steel rod frame which supported a cloth hammock. Row-crop clearance and an adjustable wheel tread were provided with large diameter rear wheels mounted on a splined bar axle. The rear wheels could be Oliver’s Tip-Toe steel wheels or 8.25-40 rubber tires. Optional equipment included a power lift, PTO, belt pulley, lights, and an electric starter.

During the summer of 1936, two additional models of the Oliver Hart-Parr 70 were announced. The Standard 70 had a fixed width front axle and a non-adjustable rear wheel tread. The Orchard 70 was similar to the Standard 70, but had fenders which covered the top half of the rear wheels. On October 15, 1937, Oliver introduced the “streamliner” styling with an oval grill and engine side panels with horizontal louvers. The Hart-Parr name was dropped and the tractor became the Oliver 70. A national advertising campaign followed for the next 70 days, matching the tractor’s model number.

Farmers soon realized extra power was available with high-compression gasoline engines and by 1939 the Ethyl Gasoline Corporation was advertising 12 companies were selling tractors with high-compression engines. The other tractor companies began to add styled features to their tractors during 1937-1939.

Larry Gay is the author of four farm tractor books including A Guide to Hart-Parr, Oliver and White Farm Tractors. This book may be obtained from ASABE at 800-695-2723 or, click publications, click history books, click Oliver.  

Tractor Tales: 1941 Farmall B

May 07, 2010

The owner of this 1941 Farmall B claims he bought the tractor for his wife's birthday. Well let you be the judge. The original cost for the Farmall B was just under $800.

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