Jul 12, 2014
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Even at an early age, Cheryl Day was a passionate and practical advocate for agriculture. Check out her viewpoint on current agricultural topics.

Salute to All Farm Moms

May 09, 2010
This week I have been asked many times “What does it take to be a Farm Mom?”. I do not think there is one simple formula. The first word that comes to my mind is “flexibility”. Each Farm Mom adds her special touch to both the household and farming operation.   
All moms wear many different hats but you know you are a Farm Mom if you:
  • Have picked up your kids from school or an event in clothes covered in dirt, mud, poop, or all the above.
  • Led a Heifer or Bull through State Fair Crowds with your 1year old on your hip
  • Shoveled poop in high heels
  • Have strangers stare in amazement while you throw your luggage like a bale of hay in the overhead compartment of an airplane.
  • Changed your infant’s diaper on a tailgate or showbox with ease.
  • Had a drop dead argument with your child or husband knee deep in mud while chasing livestock
  • Exercise by checking fence
  • Dropped everything to run for parts, hop in a grain truck, or to pull a tank
  • Your preferred vehicle is a Truck
  • Never say no when asked to operate the tractor and/or combine
  • Woke up an hour early to put a meal in a crock pot before heading to the field.
  • Threw a load of laundry in the washer when sent to the house for item during planting or harvesting
  • Never hesitated to use baling wire or duck tape to fix anything including toys.
  • Held your breath while your child entered into the ring with a heifer outweighing them three times over
  • Carried a newborn calf on her shoulder sporting a leather coat and dress clothes because she realized her child’s show heifer had just calved on wet and cold day when she pulled in the drive.
  • Nursed a sick animal inside the house.
  • Held and cried with your child when they just lost an animal unexpectedly.
  • Enjoy having a meal on the tailgate
  • Allow your child to farm your carpet 24/7 and respect him when he asked you not to step on the rows  
  • Never take it personal when farming comes first over a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, or an award ceremony.
I have met many Farm Moms from across the nation and all have a unique story to tell. Today, on Mother’s Day, I salute all Farm Moms. 

Read my Farm Mom Story at http://www.herald-review.com/business/local/article_b906ae12-6b29-5b18-b69d-da2be5854f37.html
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I salute to all Mom's
8:12 PM May 15th

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