Sep 15, 2014
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By John Phipps

  • Perspective: We’ve Got Trouble in River City
    Farmers in the Mississippi River watershed have a big problem they are not discussing. I call it the “effluent in the room”: field nutrients causing the wonderfully named Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Perspective: A Lifelong Search for Enough
    In a recent study published in Psychological Science, researchers found evidence that high incomes instigate longer working hours, not the expected reverse.
  • The Growing Impact of Agri-Dystopia
    We might have been telling our story nonstop, but apparently not many were buying it. One of the more important and least understood reasons is how current dystopian views of the future bleed into ag—hence my term, “agri-dystopia.”
  • Back to School
    Since inexplicably being asked to host “U.S. Farm Report” in 2005, I have made the 3-hour-9-minute (not that I’m timing, of course) trek to South Bend, Ind., each week to record the show.
  • This Is Your Brain on $4 Corn
    Too often, people aren’t poor because they make bad decisions; they make bad decisions because they are poor, John Phipps explains.
  • Perspective: Lessons from Winners and Losers
    Much of our industry’s economic analysis is based on data from USDA or farm management associations. While this data is diligently collected, it could offer a misleading picture.
  • Perspective: Spot the Flawed Business Model
    What if farmers distanced themselves from actions in D.C.? Suppose we developed a private crop insurance system instead of the “Medicare for farmers” we now demand?
  • Perspective: The Party That Never Happened
    There is scant evidence of either mindless revelry or foolish extravagance.
  • Cheap Is Not Enough Anymore
    Farmers, especially grain farmers, intuitively reach for consumer economics as the first line of defense for subsidies.
  • Insurance Market Change Could Have Ripple Effect
    In all the post-election analysis, farmers might have missed one election consequence.

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John PhippsMeet John Phipps

John Phipps is a farmer from Chrisman, Ill., and the author of Top Producer's "Perspective" column. He is the TV host of “U.S. Farm Report.”

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