Apr 18, 2014
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Top of Mind


By Jeanne Bernick

  • Top of Mind: Data Is Value, Not Cost
    Big data has become a modern ag commodity.
  • Top of Mind: Year of The Wood Horse
    This is the Chinese year of the Wood Horse. In Chinese astrology, the horse year is considered a fortunate year that brings luck and good things.
  • Top of Mind: B School for Farmers
    Given how important financial skills are to navigating life, it’s surprising elementary schools don’t teach children about money.
  • Top of Mind: Are You Satisfied?
    During a two-week tour of Kenya farms and cooperatives with the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists, I shared meals with farmers, diplomats, elderly women, tribal chiefs and small children.
  • Caught in the Gap
    While the staff at Top Producer strives to always provide up-to-date business information, sometimes events happen during the gap between when the magazine is sent to the printer and it reaches your mailbox. That happened this fall.
  • Oil Blessings and Busts
    After years of watching the next generation run from the prairie, rural Dakotans find themselves above the largest contiguous oil deposit in the lower 48 states.
  • Bringing Back "Made in America"
    The world’s largest corporations keep getting more, well, worldly.
  • Top of Mind: A Sustainable Struggle
    Everyone involved in agriculture—me included—needs to get past trying to define sustainability.
  • Top of Mind: A Cult of Personality
    Charisma can be used for good or bad. The FamilyFarms model was built by Allen Lash, but for years its secretive nature drew a wedge between the group and the rest of agriculture.
  • Top of Mind: Consumer-Driven Farms
    Producers must accept that feeding the modern consumer means adopting new ways of doing business.

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Jeanne BernickMeet Jeanne Bernick

Jeanne is the editor of Top Producer magazine. She has written for Top Producer and Farm Journal for 15 years, covering a variety of agricultural topics ranging from livestock to biofuels to corn, soybean and wheat production. 
Jeanne grew up on a cattle ranch in southern Missouri. Today, she lives with her husband and three daughters near her husband’s home farm in the Quad Cities area of eastern Iowa.
E-mail Jeanne at jbernick@farmjournal.com or call 563-284-5054.


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