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  • Meteorologists Doubt Possibility of Drought This Summer

    07/07/2016 05:00 AM

    Forecasts for drought started this winter, but now that July is here, widespread drought isn't looking likely, even with warmer than normal temperatures. Meteorologists weigh in with the summer weather outlook, which won't provide any fuel for the bulls. 

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    Cloned Calves Create Ultimate Steak
    07/01/2016 03:00 PM

    Higher grades of beef, and more of it, is a cattle rancher's dream, especially if it's prime, yield grade 1 cut they're producing. So, if finding Prime Grade steaks are hard to find, just clone it. That's what research out of West Texas A&M University has done, and now the ultimate steak, could soon be a reality more frequently. 

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    Indiana Shows How Quick Action Stops Spread of Avian Flu
    04/18/2016 05:00 AM

    Indiana officials say quick response made the difference between an outbreak and an epidemic when avian flu emerged again in 2016.

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    Michigan Producers Find Success With Pasture-Raised Pork
    03/26/2016 03:30 PM

    For Nate and LouAnn Robinson of Jake's Country Meats in Cass County, Mich., the supply and demand situation doesn't matter: Their prices for their pasture-raised pork stay the same. 

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