Sep 23, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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A Tricky Transition

Apr 12, 2010
***The following viewer comments were received following the April 10-11, 2010 edition of the program...

   You were spot on as far as transition and retirement goes.  My father helped me transition in the late 70’s and I will be helping my son in the 10’s.  I started out In direct competition with way too many young farmers.  Everybody overleveraged and when times got tough nobody had the power to survive I got lucky.  The decline is staggering.  There are none of them left.  The advice my dad gave me was that the only money you will be able to spend is what you put in your IRA.  You will get rent off the farm but you won’t be able to spend the net worth.  I have plugged every spare dollar into my retirement accts.  My son won’t be able to even pay me for the equipment.  I will have to give even that to him if he is to survive.
You have a great show.  Keep up the good work, we need all the marketing help we can get.
Ed Schmid JR.
Minnewaukan, ND

   My greatest concern with potential terrorist threats to the United States is a bioterror attack on our agriculture.  Recall the impact of the Irish Potato Famine.
   If you study the infamous Monsanto "Frankenseed" patent, you can see how a hostile nation such as North Korea or Iran could easily carry out a massive attack on our crops.  Indeed, a number of organic farmers have been sued by Monsanto for intellectual property theft due to wind borne cross pollination by Monsanto genetically engineered crops in nearby fields.
   Thus, a potential terrorist could engineer a set of genes affecting corn or wheat where the promoter or inhibitor avoids activation until exposed to a secondary activating factor, thus permitting the genes to spread widely without any signs of activity until a secondary activating agent is introduced. Such an attack could cripple American agricultural production.
    On a more amusing note, a neighbor of mine in the 1960s had a "toilet garden" where he had turned a large number of discarded toilets into garden planters.  I'm not sure how the neighbors felt about this, but it was certainly eye catching.
Very truly yours,
James W. Adams
Columbus, OH
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