Sep 23, 2014
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Do Analysts Suffer From Short-Term Memory Loss?

Jul 15, 2009
Below are a couple comments sent in by viewers following the July 11-12, 2009 airing of U.S. Farm Report:
*Letter #1:
Hello John,
     I picked up on US Farm Report when you came to RFD this year. Great to have you and the rest of the group to listen to.  I have been watching and listening to the experts say they are baffled and confused as to where the USDA came up with almost 3 million acres of new corn and also the extra acres of beans. Are these experts dealing for the same short term memory losses as the traders had? I remember when the first planting intentions report was issued. And all of these same traders and experts said the numbers did not add up. I believe that all were saying that there was around 7 million acres not accounted for in that report. There had to be upward adjustments in the acres if that was true. So why all of this confusion? As one said just Monday on Ag Day, I can not believe what the USDA is saying. His voice almost sounded as if he was mad because the report made in look bad. He was one of the people saying $8 corn and telling us not to sell any new crop at $4+ fall delivery. Now fall price has dropped below $3 and many are wondering what happen. We were taught in school about trading, Sell a rumor and buy a fact. The fact was there was 7 million acres not accounted for in the first planting intentions report. Short term memory loss made them only hear the rumbling rumor of higher prices. This was the exact thing that these experts and traders always get on farmers about. Emotional trading and forgetting the facts.
Michael Rust
Woodford County, IL

*Letter #2:
    Your surprise at the 'slowdown' of Congressional approval of GMO crops and products surprises me.  Have you not read of the hard push to ban GMO products from the human food chain?  I suggest you look into this site to see what GMO producers are butting their heads against:
Don Fuller

Letter #3:
   Yes the Sioux Falls Stockyards did close but it was because the facility was very old and in poor condition. Sioux Falls had grown around it making it extremly difficult to expand it, however a new very modern facility was built south about 15 miles by Canton, S.D. right off I-29 macking access very easy for large trucks.
Jim Watembach
Yankton. SD

*Letter #4:
    I was watching your show and heard th ignorant comment about the government not good for trading.  The U.S. Corrupt Government has not regulated the market and the corrupt instruments used to scam America.
   The Government should remove or make illegal all of the instruments of the non-regulated corrupt Wall Street sector.  America needs to be forced out of the market and back to an all cash market.
Wall Street tricks have ruined this country and all farms.
   Along with that Free Trade should be STOPPED. It is not our fault that you people trade your crops on the corrupt market.  It's real simple, if the price is not what you want, then shut down.
Dave Beall
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COMMENTS (3 Comments)

If there is anyone who wants to rent our land for $6,000.00 per acre, You can. The land rent here is about $35 to $50 per acre.
9:32 AM Jul 20th
Do you ever get the feeling that we've all become too dependent on the market and our government. truth is that those people are made up of people just like you, me and our neighbors. Do you trust even your neighbors anymore. Landlords and co-ops will sell long term renters out for $10 more an acre. Greed is out of control when land routinely goes for $6-8K/acre. Anhydrous goes from $1100 to $400 per ton in 6 months and the world is growing basically the same amount of acres of corn? We can't trust the markets and government because they are made up of people like us. Let's get back to integrity and things will get better. Stop trying to farm the whole county and get rich. None of this will matter in eternity!
10:14 AM Jul 16th


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