Sep 18, 2014
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Hello from Cotton Country

Dec 05, 2008
     I'm a 3rd generation Cotton Farmer on my first real crop. The gap between my father and grandfathers farming operations spans nearly 50 years. I purchased a one row horse drawn planter a few years back at a farm where my grandfather had share cropped and found some cotton planting plates in the planter. This sparked an idea.  I guess farming is in my blood. The cotton I grew this year made the front page of the local newspaper because of the gap in cotton production in Piedmont section of North Carolina. My farming operation looks like a page from a Harris Barnes cotton farming  book. This year I got invited to the farm show in Boone , IA and took a tour of the Monstanto Pipeline products. This really made me see how small my operation was but how well informed I was in the AG world because of your show. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Mark Phelps
Clemmons, North Carolina
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Fayette County, Iowa
Thanks for your comments, I always enjoy stories from other part of the Ag Community. My other comment is this. President Bush can finally sleep well in his new 2.07 million house in Dallas. The mess his policies and Administration have made have destroyed the entire American economy, but farmers, take heart. Only 10 more days like today (Dec. 5) and and corn cannot go down anymore, it will be worthless. Beans will take 20 more days and cattle and hogs, a month give or take. Seriously farmers, hang in there, it'll get better, don't know when but it will. Enjoy your familes and that high priced corn burner you bought a few years ago. It's finally economical to run. And only 46 more days til Bushie is finally gone.
2:01 PM Dec 5th


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