Sep 15, 2014
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Interesting Feedback

Dec 01, 2009
Editor's Note:  The following viewer feedback was received following the November 28-29, 2009 edition of U.S. Farm Report...

   We watch US Farm Report each week and this Thanksgiving Special was especially poignant, even sad.  It is frightening to see the strain on farmers and their families.  The causes for this is all to apparent: government regulation; government interference in free markets and phony science.  The government's role in this continuous degradation is to voluminous to mention here.  "Science's" role is being exposed, thank God!  See Wall Street Journal article below. 
   We would hope farm organizations who profess to support farmers, small and large, will demand their political representatives investigate the foundation of these "man-made-global-warming" claims, supposedly based on "peer reviewed" science.  
   We have always doubted the so-called "Consensus" and now that the perpetrators of this hoax are being exposed we hope US Farm Report does some real investigative reporting on Al Gore and the fraud he and his minions are responsible in creating.   
Darryl H. Leifheit 
Lexington, KY

   I was surprised to hear the head of one of your farm families interviewed on your Thanksgiving Day program say that 90% of the corn grown in the USA is grown on family farms.  In all that I have read, that sentence does not appear credible – see for example -
Especially the article that says:
 3 Companies Control 90% Corn Market. Only three companies (Archer Daniels Midland, Bunge
and Cargill) control 90% of the global grain trade. This means farmers in Iowa and elsewhere
have had less and less options for selling their grain. These companies can also manipulate the
price of corn on the Chicago Board of Trade with their market power.
Perhaps there is a difference between “growing” and “controlling”?
 Can you clarify?
Richard Fassino
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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

Lynden B. Illinois
Man has very little to do if any with God's natural cycle of the climate.
11:20 AM Dec 1st
Clearly, there is a difference between growing corn and controlling corn. Corn has always been "controlled" by a handful of major grain companies.
9:50 AM Dec 1st


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