Sep 20, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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Comments, questions, opinions...this is your chance to speak out regarding anything and everything reported on U.S. Farm Report. Viewer feedback updated regularly.

LOTS of Letters...Continued...

Jan 08, 2010
Editor's Note:  The following comments came in following the December 26-27, 2009 & January 2-3, 2010 editions of U.S. Farm Report...

A couple of months ago we heard quite a bit about man made global warming and how the world needed the U.S. to hurry up with cap and trade so we could measure our carbon usage and be charged accordingly. Now that the wind chill is -20 over half the country I haven't heard that much about it. Two questions: 1) what proof is there is really man made global warming or for that matter  any proof of global warming at all.2) Does anyone wonder, as I do, if God isn't trying to show us who is really in charge after all.
Dennis Tucker

You have had two people on saying there is no inflation . They must have a large amount of desposable cash around .I do agree that people not working have closed their check books , because their empty . They also must not grocery shop as . every week prices have gone up.In some cases as much as 60% . True some items have been on sale but all in all anyone that has to eat has been paying more . At the end of the month we are running out of money. 

James Roger Jones
Submarine Veteran
   Your hosts stated on today's RFD show that market movements are influenced by now three items (i) supply (2) demand (3) hedgefunds and their allocation. How long will farmers have to wait until it is recognized that these hedge funds create instability and market swings of $ 1.00 per bu in bns and 40 ct/bu in corn within couple of days is not a health situation. When will it be recognized that these hedgefunds are running this market to the detriment of the commercials and the farmers/livestock raiser. Commerce can not operate in this environment is instability where prices move in nano seconds. We need STABILITY otherwise we are held hostage by these rough traders!
Herb Putz  

Dear John,
   The reason we have a surplus of milk is not because the dairy farmer is being compensated properly. We are not even covering the cost to produce it. The reason is because of the economy in the world and the lack of buyers for the product and also the fact that the check off dollars could not even stop the down sizing of the containers that yogurt and ice cream are sold in. With the 8 oz container. If the consumer bought 12, they bought 96 oz. With the 6 oz container, they only buy 72 ounces. That is a difference of 24 ounces. That is loosing the sale of 3 of the 8 oz container of yogurt and the consumer would need to buy 4 more of the 6 oz containers to equal the sale of 12 of the 8 oz containers.
Bob Huestis

Dear Mr Phipps,
   I was supprised to hear that you think Global Warming is a non event sponsored by the political left wing. My valley used to get  two feet of snow two or three times a year.  The snow kept the bark beetle in longer.  The fir and pine are dying.  This has nothing to do with politics just climate disruption.  I noted you also seem to be in favor of removing all plant material from the corn fields for use as fuel. Stripping the fields will force farmers to rely on chemical inputs and leave the farmer at the mercy of chemical producers. A poor idea for the future of agriculture. 
Will Etherington
Cascade Home Inspections
Selma, Oregon

*LETTER #6:  
Mr. Phipps,
    Lets get one thing straight; whatever the EPA does to promote and deal with the idea that man has caused the slight warming of climate is going to screw the American farmer.  Sure, the higher price of corn due to a huge amount being used for ethanol production can be perceived to be a benefit.  However, the higher price of corn has the downside of increasing the cost of producing meat and thus decreasing demand for it at the retail counter.  Another downside to using ethanol for motor fuel is that one uses more gallons of that fuel than petroleum based fuel due to the lower heating value per gallon of ethanol compared to gasoline.  Our Otto cycle engines are devices for converting heat into mechanical motion.
   Likewise, using soybean oil as feedstock for Diesel fuel is worse than a joke.  When I went to start my combine this fall I lost three days of harvest time, a cost of $505 to get a stuck injection pump overhauled and a $175 bill to the local John Deere dealer to remove the pump.  I called the dealer on Tuesday about the problem and it was Thursday before he could get a mechanic out to remove the pump which I needed to have done because I could not see the timing marks.  That three day loss of bean combining time has left me with nearly thirty acres still in the field.
   If "going green" is such a wonderful thing, then rather than clubbing the shrinking productive part of the economy into using "alternative fuels" the smart thing to do would be for government, at all levels, be mandated to cease using fossil fuels in any form.  This mandate should include the executive branch, all of the legislative branch and all of the judicial branch and all of their employees.  With government being such a large part of the economy this would do far more to "reduce green house gasses" than the mandates being placed in private citizens.
     I could just gag when I see nit-wit Al Gore bloviating about how we should reduce "green house gasses" when he just flew half way around the world in his private jet from his huge home in Tennessee.  When I see him being pulled around the country in a horse drawn carriage, wood smoke coming from his chimney and travel to foreign lands in a sailing vessel I will believe that there is a serious problem with global warming.  As I sit here contemplating going out at sunrise in sub zero temperature to thaw out a frozen water tank and look over corn and soybeans still in the field due to a cool, wet growing season I find it hard to buy the idea!
David Snider
Minier, IL

Hello John,
   I just finished watching US Farm Report on December 27.  It is always interesting how people are coming with contraptions to harvest corn cobs to make ethanol for fuel.   Well I have a NEW IDEA.   My NEW IDEA is a machine that picks the ears of corn off of the stalks just like a combine except it doesn't remove the kernels of corn from the cob. Instead it loads the ears into a wagon for transporting to storage. We store the ears in a building that is specially designed to allow air, powered by the wind, to flow through between the ears of corn.  This allows the corn to dry slowly but naturally.  I then use the propane gas that isn't used to dry the corn to heat my house in the winter. Then after the corn is dry we use another special machine to separate the kernels from the cobs and loads them in a truck or wagon.  This makes the corn available for sale or for feed for my livestock and the cobs are available for use as beddding for my livestock or they can be burned in my stove that heats my shop.   Now some people will tell you that this is an old fashioned way of  gathering corn cobs but I know that it is a NEW IDEA.  It says so right on the machine.                   
Paul  Betz
Compton,  Illinois

   Watched Baxter Black's comentary regarding being an American.  This was the most profound report I ever heard.  IT moved me very much.  I wish I could live up to this model being born in America, which I was.  This report puts us in a frame of mind reminding all of us what it means to be a proud American citizen.  Thank for airing this and reminding us all. 
Dennis Schoonbeck 
Norton Shores, MI

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LOL Letter number 7, Paul Betz!! RIGHT ON!
1:45 PM Jan 11th


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