Sep 18, 2014
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Lots of Weather Worries

May 31, 2011

   We were supposed to have some hot weather with just a chance of a passing shower. Last night I saw the storms in Ohio and sure enough they hit us here in the southern tier.  One inch of rain last night on already saturated ground. I do not know about Ohio but a lot of corn is usually grown here. Usually more than can be used locally and as it is so expensive to ship it we usually get it at a low price. Driving around today I saw many fields with corn stubble that had oats drilled in around large wet areas. Many fields still lakes, Some fields fitted and ready to plant, a few planted, and a very few emerging. Having been a dairy farmer I am concerned for those still in the business as if corn is short here, just as it is usually cheap because it is to expensive to ship out, it will be more expensive than in the Midwest because it will be prohibitively expensive to ship in. So instead of being 50 cheaper it could wind up being a $ more. This will hit dairy very hard!
   Now we are to have a few warm days with thunder tomorrow, then cool, 70's which will dry us out but what about heat units? They have it cool for 10 days from Friday on. Next thing
will be a debate on whether we get buried by snow in September or August. Could you possibly report on the impacts that a corn shortage in the east will have on dairy? Perhaps if the problem is identified soon enough we can petition USDA to make price adjustments. In the past they have always tended to look to close the barn door after the horse and cow have been out for days.
   Also we hear about the terrible time they are having in Texas, fences and buildings destroyed by fire and the federal government refuses to declare a disaster. Could you report on the amount of fence, buildings, crop and livestock losses and suggest ways we can help? This year we are all going to have to hang together. Think of the implications for 2012 if they have to liquidate their herds in Texas, and dairies in New York. Grain farmers could lose so much of their customer
base that prices could crash in a couple of years and leave grain farmers high and dry with high inputs, expensive land, loans resetting to high interest rates, and low prices.
John Geis
Addison, NY

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