Sep 2, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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Talking China & Saying Thanks

Nov 29, 2010

***The following comments were received following the November 27-28, 2010 edition of U.S. Farm Report...


   I am not a farmer and don't know anything about it.  But I really enjoy watching US Farm Report. It's nice to learn something about another area of life besides what I do for a living.

   But I would like to see you "dumb  it down" a little for people like me.  For example, today you talked about GIPSA.  I don't even know what that stands for. And  your discussions on the stock market are always interesting, but not knowing anything about the stock market, I need more specific definitions to understand what you're saying.

   Also, some topics I would like to hear more about especially the "why" of the situation.
Like today, one of your guests mentioned China can't feed its population and has
to buy food.  I would like to know why that is and exactly what's happening. 
Thank you for listening and for a very interesting program.
David Mahan
Flint, Michigan 


   I really like your show. I am a small, small farm operator selling only to my local community. Low overhead and small acreage and I'll make it. I want to know as much as any what the future holds. Your show gives one glimpse.

Keep the faith.

Susan Dietrich, Rappahannock Academy Virginia on RFDTV.


    The Columbia Basin area in Central Washington State we are still in the middle of corn harvest but the snow that came a week half ago has stop the corn harvest big time!!! We have around more than half of the Basin to still harvest!!!!!!

Nancy Johnson

Moses Lake, WA



Dear Mr. John Phipps,
   I read Popular Mechanics December issue article on "China's Secret War Plans". It detailed their plans and capabilities when confronting a US carrier battle group. It is but one of many articles about the increasing might of China's military. What the article didn't detail was where they got the economic basis to build their military. The truth is we have given away, sold or have had stolen a sizeable chunk of our industrial base to or by China.
   Now consider the huge amount of ag based products China buys from the US. That ability is a direct result of their manufacturing prowess and a sign of our manufacturing demise.
   Hooray for today's high commodity prices! ...but how long will it last?
Only a fool would conclude that the US can endure another 25 years of huge trade imbalances with China. The end result will be a trade war or war period. For agriculture the times will resemble what happened when Carter embargoed the Russian grain.
   Throw a bowl full of grain in front of the chicken coop. The chickens never hear trhe axe being sharpened nor will they bother to look up when the farmer and his axe stroll their way. And so it is with greed and when times are good, a person or group never bother to glance up and see what's coming their way !
    I do enjoy your show and your segments are first rate.
 Robert Blain
 Cedar Falls, IA
   Almost 25 years ago my three little kids and I joined a  4-H club in rural MN. I realized how little I knew about the farm kid’s world so went to dairy day judging to learn what makes one animal worth more than another. I remember as the vet slapped one of cows on the rear referring to her as petite. I realized that was not good. I went from that to finding US Farm Report on TV. I have been hooked all of these years on your program. O have learned so much about the forces shaping my world. I appreciate your simply laying information out for me to examine and try to fit into what I already know. It is the one program where I don’t feel flimflammed by someone wanting me to hand over my future since they are so much smarter. 11/28/10 I loved the comment where the gentleman said he wanted to be the dumbest guy in the room of authorities he brings together and wants to share the risk with them too. I had not thought of the shared risk being part of the variable before but after what we have experienced from the financial world I think he is correct. I am curious to see if that concept will eventually work its way into the financial world.  Regulation will never reign in the financial world. It will only be market conditions that will change the ability of the financial world to create investments that even they don’t understand just want to skim a commission from. You have really made me think today.
    Thank you for giving me tools to grapple with trying to understand my world. I appreciate it. Do love the tractor, church anniversaries, etc. I spend much of my time at work and out in the world feeling like I have fallen off my planet and landed on an alien planet I don’t understand. Once a week I get to listen to people who still value what I do. Keep up the good work.
Ann Dorsey
St Joseph, MN

   Thanks for an interesting and informative show. I have enjoyed watching the program for some time, however, due to the early show time(5:00 a.m. PST), I am not always able to watch. Keep doing what you are doing well.


Ray Ferrari



     Endless TV talk about the value on China's currency, but not a word about the 13% VAT they put on our soybeans.  Read the attached and update to current prices and you will see that Chinese Gov't takes in ~$20 from every acre of Soys grown in the US.  I'll bet many other farmers are like me and their farms make more $ for the Chinese Gov't than the US.  John: calculate it for your own farm. 
    The VAT is 17% on most products.  What would be the effect on our unemployment if we put an equal tax-tariff on the things we buy from them?
Bird Vincent
Vincent Centennial Farm
Freeland MI


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Dairy Farmer
To Ray Ferrari: The US Farm Report is available on and I watch it on my computer any time that I want to.
9:13 AM Dec 4th


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