Oct 1, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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Viewers React: Bees, African Adventure & a Classic Tractor

Mar 04, 2013

***The following viewer comments were received in response to the March 2-3, 2013 edition of U.S. Farm Report…
#1:     John Phipps was showing off his home pool on a recent episode of US Farm Report.  I noticed that there was no security fence enclosing the pool.  Where I came from in Arizona, the law requires such a fence, for the safety of young children.  This is a good law.  Please put up a fence.
    Also, on John Phipps' trip to Africa:  This is great.  Africa has the capacity to feed the world all by itself, if only they could get beyond their political problems.  I highly encourage your team to have someone keep tabs of Al Jazeera English.  They offer the most extensive worldwide coverage of any news organization, followed closely by Xinhua.  I also encourage Al Jazeera to follow you folks at US Farm Report and Agweb, along with Ag Professional.  Some of the people at Al Jazeera say some really naive things related to agriculture.  They could benefit from paying attention to the agricultural experts.
Peter Gadwa
#2:  Oh, yeah……I bet there really are some outstanding agricultural opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Uh huh!! After all it's just been 10 years since the native population of Mozambique literally declared government sponsored open season on white, European farmers!!  Remember?? Here's a reminder in case you forgot: http://www.nytimes.com/2001/12/16/world/white-farmers-flee-to-mozambique.html.   After white European farmers did the initial work and had to leave it behind, I bet there are thousands of plow/planter-ready situations!! Yeah! that's a place I'd like to invest time and money, not to mention my life and the lives of my family!! Sheesh!! "Fools rush in" comes to mind right here, John. Tell me……..Why is that?
Dick House – Arthur, IL
#3:  Hi John (et al), just got around to watching this weekend's show. Thank heavens for Tivo.  ;-)
From what I've read, locally produced honey is supposed to be the best for your immune system.
I pay $6/lb for locally produced honey; the supermarket chains around here sell mass-produced honey from a couple states over for about $4/lb.  After reading stories about adulterations in Chinese honey, what they've done to France's truffle market, and toxic waste + lead being mixed into materials used to make children's toys there, I wouldn't eat honey imported from China if they gave it to me free.  :-|
I'll happily buy Chinese photovoltaic panels, as long as they want to sell them to us for less than they're paying us for the raw materials to make them; it's a dumb move by our government to add tariffs to that. But not anything I eat... if the manufacturers aren't going to tell us on the labels where the honey in their products come from, I won't be buying BBQ sauce, et cetera, with honey in it, either.
Have a great week!  Darr

#4:  I can remember my father having a Massey-Harris tractor back in the late 1930's. It was on steel and all 4 wheels were the same height. It was 4 wheel drive and I think it was chain guided.  Dad said it would climb right up a fence post. I think it was built in the 1920's. I saw one parked in a yard in Viola, Kansas, back in the mid 1950's. It looked as if it had been restored. Would you please find one  and do a TV story on it? I am a weekly viewer of your show. I live in Ponca City, Oklahoma; but I grew up on a Kansas farm, wakening up to Bruce Behymer (Farm Director on KFH Radio in Wichita, Kansas), ringing his cow bell.  You can take the boy off the farm; but you can't take the farm out of the boy.
Don Richardson - Ponca City, Oklahoma

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