Sep 20, 2014
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Viewers React: Milk Labels & Customer Surveys

Mar 18, 2013

***Editor’s Note:  The following comments were received following the March 16-17, 2013 edition of U.S. Farm Report…
#1:  John, I get survey calls almost weekly this time of year. They were usually interesting and even paid a bit for some when I used to answer their questions. Now in the past six or seven years I cut them short with the same answer but they still call. I explain that we retired from farming in 2007 and have rented the land to a neighbor  on a cash rent basis, so I have no input on the product decisions. About half will ask for the name and number of our tenant which I don't give, he probably already gets enough survey calls. So this does tell me one thing, apparently the AG product advertisement force must not share names like I think most every other industry does.  Frank
#2:  When it comes to surveys I either click no thanks or just simply close it out.  I do not fill them out.  When I do and that is because of either poor service or poor quality in whatever they do I do not hesitate giving a bad grade.  They get what they deserve is how I see it. 
You have a good week.  Jim Brancheau
#3:  Come on John, please tell me that you used this to make an interesting editorial and not that it really bothers you.  I agree with you that often the forms are one more method of making the retailer/seller think they care, but often they do look at the extremes of comments.  If you are dissatisfied, make a comment, and if you are very satisfied, do the same, otherwise do what most do and not take the time to worry about it, rather hit delete or throw the item into the recycling bin.  Be glad somebody at least appears to care what your experience was and gives you an easy method to let them know your thoughts.  We should all be thankful that we live in a society that at least gives us the opportunity to show our opinion, whether it be about customer service, or your reaction to getting the requests. 
Kirk Gibbs - Upper Sandusky, OH
#4:  Is it a good thing to combine a wholesome food product (milk) with something not necessarily good for you (an artificial sweetener)?  It seems this defeats the goal we have in agriculture of producing wholesome food people want.  Combine that with what the neurology professor told my wife’s veterinary school class which was stay away from all the artificial sweeteners, especially saccharin, as they mimic neuro-transmitters in the brain.  I will take my milk without extra fake sugar please.
Art Swannack – Lamont, WA
#5:  Dear Mr Phipps; This is in response to the information on Sunday March 17th program about the dairy industry wanting to put Aspertame in milk. When the FDA was asked by the dairy industry to put Aspertame in milk, I was shocked and appalled. And was more so when I heard they wanted to do this without a label.  What has happened to America, when a Government agency wants to put a known harmful chemical in milk, and not label it. The milk industry could better serve the American public by making a better product rather than put chemicals in milk. I do hope someone has the intelligence to say no to this issue, but then again when the director of the FDA is the past vice president of Monsanto, it doesn`t look promising. And by the way, I am a dairy farmer, have been for most of my life. > Thanks Marc

Marc and Catherine Gravert
Spring Valley Farm
Fulton, IL

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