Sep 23, 2014
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Viewers React: Panther Predators, the Constitution & the Nanny State

Aug 19, 2013

***Editor’s Note: The following comments were received following the August 17-18, 2013 edition of U.S. Farm Report…
#1: John states the founding fathers’ success they had building a workable government should be within our grasp as we improve on their legacy. The problem is we are not improving but dismantling that legacy. Our constitution is prescient and eternally viable to the extent it is based on biblical principles which transcend generations. But concepts such as the right to life, freedom of religion, free speech, personal property and limits to the power of the federal government are under assault as we ignore the thinking behind the constitution and ‘do what’s right in our own eyes’. John Adams said "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." With our worldview, improving their legacy isn’t close being in our grasp. Dave Sauers
#2: I normally always enjoy your shows early Saturday morning, but I take exception to your story about the ranchers losing cattle to the endangered Florida panthers. I am especially bothered by the use of the word "surge" to describe the modest increase in this rare animal that continues to face possible extinction due to habitat loss, being hit by vehicles, invasive Burmese pythons, and other problems. When an animal's numbers are so few that they could become extinct, there is no such thing as a surge in numbers. Although many other cougars roam throughout the U.S., the Florida cougar is a unique sub-species and its loss would be a terrible thing. Sincerely, Gordon Engel - Green Bay, WI
#3: Why does everyone on USFR say the USDA report, no matter what, is wrong? Do you have more resources than USDA or just much smarter people? Also please remember livestock feeders are corn farmers most reliable customers, NOT China or ethanol. Your segment about cellulosic ethanol also applies to corn based ethanol. Ethanol was the governments’ gift to corn farmers, when reality sets in as it always does, corn farmers will go back to living on their subsidy check. Allen Riddle – SC Dairy Farmer
#4: Mr. John, while canning some Pepper Jelly and Pepper Sauce, this weekend I was listening to the show. I was surprised by your comments that leaned toward the "Nanny State" getting the credit for reduced obesity in children, along with scientist attributing their findings toward and along the same train of thought. I will have to mostly disagree. I believe it is the parents that deserve 98% of the credit. The Nanny State in the form of education provided while the parents were in school can get the other 2%. The Parents, along with the good practices of healthy eating and exercise should be given the credit. All the Nanny State can do is to publish pamphlets and newsletters that suggest a certain way of doing things. The parents through research, trial and error can determine what really works best for their children. Education is vital. I believe that implementation is the key. Teaching children to get off the couch and outside, eating fresh fruit and vegetables instead of drinks loaded with HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup), and Little Debbie's tends to lead to a longer healthier life. I believe that Parents would rather decide the course of action that suits their children's needs better, than to be told by some "Nanny State" bureaucrat from a cubicle. Or, could it be that no parent wants their kids to be a spin-off of Honey Boo-Boo...y’all have a Safe an Gud-un now, James A. Heath
#5: The future of Ethanol production should include industrial hemp, not corn stalks and cobs. Fred Lundgren - Katy, TX
#6: I hear a lot about the problem of texting and driving and find it amazing emergency responders can find a person from the GPS unit in their cell phone yet phone companies cannot seem to develop a program which shuts off sending or receiving text while a vehicle is moving. Bill Borne

#7: We watched your Aug.10 program today and were interested on weddings and monies spent. My wife and her family come from a very poor back round of Baptist preacher’s, her fathers’ church was a small and struggling one. I didn't know this but when it came time for them to get her and the church ready for our marriage just about everything was done in the most inexpensive manner. For months my future wife and her family were at garage sales and second hand stores getting decorations and most all the things needed for our special day. Our wedding day was beautiful, they did very well in getting prepared and it was afterward I was told how everything was done. Looking back 18 years ago I am glad our wedding was not a show to impress people but to show our love. My wife loves to tell how the details of getting everything used for the wedding down to the wedding album she spent a few dollars for from a lady at a garage sale who's daughter's wedding didn't take place. We still live a second hand and garage or yard sale life, most all we have has been gotten this way. Our LORD is good - Bob & Lorrie Simon

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