Oct 1, 2014
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Viewers Speak: Liberal Kool-Aid, Vegans & Farm Safety

Feb 25, 2013

***Editor’s Note:  The following viewer comments were received following the February 16-17, 2013 edition of U.S. Farm Report:

#1:  It has been a week since I heard your reply to one of your viewers accusing you of drinking the Obama/Democrat Kool-Aid.  I have never sent an E-mail to anyone like this, but here it goes.  Instead of replying to the individual’s comments, and the meaning/intent of the individual’s comments, you elected to become insulted and ultimately a victim through the dialogue of your wife and yourself, subsequently your valuable air time was consumed by relating to the ultimate meaning of Kool-Aid (which is way off track), as opposed to the agricultural commentary provided to you at hand.   I have to admit, this is a typical technique of the liberals to become defensive, insulted and a victim.  It appears that your response ultimately confirms the original writer’s opinion.
Larry Talbott

#2:  Ellen DeGeneres implies that if everyone would become vegans, the world would be a better place.  Although I find her very entertaining, my guess is that if the world went vegan, a lot of people would starve.  Are there studies showing what would happen?
Thanks – Laurie Ross

#3:  Today I watched your report on a catfish farm in Texas I believe it was the Bower Family. You showed a young mother handing her toddler up to the dad who was sitting in a piece of farm equipment.  You hear on a regular basis of a young child being ran over and killed by farm equipment. I farm in Moore Idaho and my grandchildren think my tractors are the coolest thing on earth. They are not allowed in or around a piece of equipment that is running. The oldest is 10 years old, he is still a few years away from being able to operate equipment. Please speak out on this issue and not show this practice on television any more.  A Concerned viewer.
Lenard Van Eps – Moore, ID

#4:  I am curious.  If Monsanto wins the Supreme Court ruling, that means they own and therefore control their genetic material in the Universe (grain elevator).  Roundup Ready tolerant weeds are created by the same technology that isolated the Roundup Ready Soybeans.  That means Monsanto owns the weeds also.  (Weeds are located in the universe).   I am considering a new seed business.  You send me a weed seed sample, a DNA test is performed so a lawsuit can be filed to recover damages from Monsanto's Technology.  Also, does this establish Roundup Ready Weeds as an agricultural crop so the land grant colleges are required maintain a seed bank specimen as required by law.  Are Farmers liable for volunteer soybeans growing in their fields after harvest?  Lawyers could label this "involuntary seed saving" and seek damages paid to Monsanto.  I cannot understand how Monsanto and lawyers are thinking so little into the future.  You would well serve agriculture to provide information on your TV program to inspire thinking.  Harry Wallace - Galva, IL


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