Sep 21, 2014
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Who do I believe?

Jan 28, 2013

   While watching your show today (1-26-2013), you had some market report people on and they said the drought has shrunk and is only in pockets in the west.  Then in the next segment you showed the drought monitor and it showed the opposite.  I use your show to make decisions for my farm operation because I believe you guys are actually on top of the farm game more so than USDA.  In Pennsylvania we had record crops in 2012 (we made money), so who do we believe!  How bad is the drought out west?  In the east we don’t set crop prices like the west does. I guess I’m just confused because there are no solid answers and I’m trying to decide whether or not to contract corn at $5.80 and beans at $12 or wait for you guys to say we didn’t get rain and it all goes crazy again.
     I do enjoy your show ... doesn’t cover the small farmer much but 400 acres in my area is big. Farming in Pennsylvania is a different world than the west…a 50 acre field is huge. Thanks for your show, and let’s try to lock these guys into some straight direct answers not a shot in the dark! I can do that myself.
Thomas Dunchack II   
Pennsylvania Crop Farmer


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ghu8nt - CHICAGO, IL
What was stated on this show was even if we see systems
moving west to east across the western belt-their will most likely be pockets of dryness there in the spring-Gregg Hunt
7:40 AM Feb 6th


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