Sep 17, 2014
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This Farmer Asks How To Prevent White Mold In Soybeans

Jul 09, 2010
Question: We had a terrible time with white mold in our soybeans last year, and it was in our best beans! I’m not seeing it yet this season, but what can I do to prevent it?

Answer: You're not alone. We have received a number of questions about white mold as the result of problems farmers had with it in 2009. White mold results from a fungus, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, and it’s typically a problem in higher yielding soybean crops, due to several agronomic-type factors. Early canopy closure, higher plant populations and narrow rows seem to contribute to the problem. If your soybean crop is nearing canopy closure, you need to start scouting for apothecia which produce the fungus spores. Apothecia look like tan, mushroom-looking caps clumped together. Depending on what you find in your fields, you have a couple of options. One option for prevention is to apply Cobra herbicide, which is labeled for white mold suppression. However, if the disease is present, you may want to consider using a foliar fungicide like Domark, Endura or Topsin. If you opt for the fungicide, do talk with your local retailer about how to use it for best results as application timing and coverage are important.
Whammed by white mold! 
White mold is a problem in high yield potential soybeans.

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Some varieties are more resistent than others. I plant in 3o" rows and dont have a problem. Theres better air flow, and still get 55 bushell.
1:42 PM Jul 12th


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