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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying


  • 7/28/2015 Buffalo County, NE: Finished wheat harvest about a week ago. 80 bu/a, excellent quality. The price simply sucked. Depending upon how much land taxes go up,($60/ac now) it may break even-after we have planted a feed crop for cattle to eat this fall/winter. Corn and beans look good. The big question remains whether their prices will do more than break even. And now cattle are starting to drop in price. Anyone who has played this game for long knew that 2010-2013 prices wouldn't last. Not sure why people continue to buy land at prices that take $7+ corn to pay for.
  • 7/23/2015 Lancaster County, PA: Delivered the last of my 2015 wheat crop yesterday. Will net in excess of 100 bpa final yield after deductions of 3% per point for moisture and average price of $6.00 off the combine. Applying fungicide on corn and soybeans as they reach the appropriate level of crop development. Many neighbors have beans lodging already. Some corn fields are being blown over with strong winds from thunderstorms. Most of these fields have come back over time, but some have been blown over twice. Do not know if they will come back the next time if there is a next time. The last of the wheat beans are emerging. Early corn on dairy farms will likely be ready for the silo in about 5-6 weeks. Likely the most variable corn crop I have grown in my 40+ year career. (the first 20 years are a bit fuzzy however). In the same row within 200 yards you can go from some of the best corn you can hope for (250+ bpa) to corn 3 weeks behind just pushing tassel and 3 feet shorter. Cannot line up the variability with anything regarding fertilizer, soil type, crop protection materials,  variety etc. I have corn that just sat there for 6 weeks at v5 to v7 doing nothing and now finally seems to have gotten in gear, but who knows. Full season beans and early double crop beans seems to have good promise, but we still have to navigate August weather. Moisture overall is adequate to slightly excessive, and we have finally had some higher 90 degree heat within the last week. The latest arrival of 90 degree temperatures for this area on record according to the local newspaper. 
  • 7/21/2015 Minnehaha County, SD: Not much small grain here but oats are being harvested, haven't heard any yields! Need rain, things still holding on pretty good!
  • 7/21/2015 Ward County, ND: Initial counts show a higher rate of scab in the 2015 wheat crop than the 2014 crop. Protein will be lower than 2014, yields will be lower than 2014. Lots of late season disease pressure and head scab, smut, tan spot, you name it we have it this season. Overall there will be poorer quality wheat than 2014. And 2014 crop was of poor quality. Where is the quality wheat going to come from this season? Two years in a row of problems with the wheat here. After last years steep discounts on the wheat crop, allot of acres got switched this season to soybeans after the losses with the wheat crop. So two years back to back of problems with the wheat crop I expect it to be very hard to find a field of wheat here for 2016!  
  • 7/20/2015 De Kalb County, IN: Wow, another easy day in the field, just gotta love it  
  • 7/19/2015 Marshall County, MN: 10.84 inches rain here since July 4th, yesterday few sprinkles other wise has rained 8 days in a row. Ground is saturated water standing between bean rows, Wheat and barley laying down, barley is turning, its going to be a tuff harvest. 
  • 7/18/2015 Deuel County, NE: wheat looked good since planted but turned out to be 60 bu./A straw and only 30 bu./A grain when the combines hit the field. Price crashing anyway of course while non farmers try to paint a rosy picture.  
  • 7/18/2015 Williams County, OH: Finished wheat before last rain 40-70 bu. per @ .40 -2.80 per bu dock. vom and damage way to much water . Corn yellow nee high to tassel . Beans 4'' to 2 feet tall color starting to get better before last rain 2.5 inches on Fri. more heavy rain coming . Ready for #plant 16.  
  • 7/17/2015 Ward County, ND: Lots of disease pressure in wheat. Crop started out good but has been on a steep downhill slide since boot stage. Fusarium, tan spot, rust, smut, you name it we have it this year. Crops are lodged severely all over. This will reduce yields and quality in the wheat. To much rain and the wrong time. I've seen mushrooms growing on the ground under the lodged wheat. Staying wet and dark for to long now.  
  • 7/16/2015 Pike County, MO: wheat harvest definitely over. Elevators not buying it. test weight in the 40's, vomitoxin, sprouted kernels. one person spreading it back on fields with buggy. Another running it thru combine w clean grain door open leaving it windrowed for possible baling straw. A lot are trying burning, discing and mowing it down just tired of looking at it. guys STILL trying to plant this week and next. End of JULY! They say wheat is like a weed. I'm beginning to see why!
  • 7/12/2015 Putnam County, IN: got 1.8 inches last night after only having about 2 inches in the last 8 days. before that we had 7 great, dry and sunny days. got wheat cut, straw baled and double crop beans planted on the 4th of july. wheat yield was way down but quality was really good. beans are already up and off to the races. corn crop in our area has gone down hill if it was planted after may 20th, early may corn looks like 200 bpa and after may 20th looks like 80 bpa. same way with beans, i'm sure we will have some 70 bushel beans and there will be some right down the road that make 25 ! 80 bushel corn at even $ 5.00 with the possibility of no insurance payment will turn out the lights for some guys this year! 
  • 7/11/2015 Monroe County, MI: Anyone else seen this in your wheat? 
  • 7/7/2015 Montgomery County, MO: was able to finish wheat last night at midnight. then rain again .8tenths. just a shower compared to the usual 2 '' we get. But more heavy rain forecast next couple days. Put wheat in bin. No buyers for low test weight vomitoxin and moisture. Never cut a dry load. Surprising the fields weren't too bad. 4' water packed it down? Ran 4wd all the time tho. Only took 3 weeks to cut 200 acres. Never ever in my 50 years of farming have I seen fields NOT get planted in such a large area of MO. What did get planted will have SDS in beans and very small ears on corn. Bet a lot of SDS in IL, IN too. guys talking about planting if they can next week JULY 15th! Guess we will too! cover crop I suppose.... We can bank on after this week's rain, it'll stop for rest of summer, right? After all planting time will be over then... people depressed here after 2 months heavy rain.
  • 7/7/2015 Decatur County, IN: Finally got in a day(Monday) of wheat harvest. Yields are good, 90+ bu per. Corn is holding up to the rains, but beans are going backwards. Southeast Indiana has been spared as far as 'extreme' rain but yields have been cut nonetheless.

  • 6/27/2015 Buffalo County, NE: For the most part, crops here look pretty good. Corn has recovered from early hail/freeze damage and is gaining both color and height with the warmer temps of late. Soybeans are about to canopy, wheat is in the hard dough stage. For the most part, we have received ideal rains-never more than an inch at one time. Pastures have benefited from the rain as well and look very good. It is the unfortunate nature of our chosen occupation that the weather is such a huge factor in determining our success or failure in any given year. Good luck, and may God bless us all. 
  • 6/26/2015 Montgomery County, MO: cut first wheat. 1600 bu. 16% moisture, vomitoxin @ 6. test weight 50. rutting up field. rained 5' next day. elevator told me to go home with it. pic is some of our better beans. plenty of moisture! 

  • 6/26/2015 Mcleod County, MN: Looks like with all this wet weather we won't be having the "BURDENSOME" supply that the experts say were going to have. Beans up over a $1.00 in 10 days? Wheat up through the 200 day ma? I thought the "higher" dollar would keep a lid on prices, especially wheat. I guess not. It looks like the only good thing to come out of all this wet weather is we won't be producing a "BURDENSOME" crop this year. That's the last thing we as farmers would want to do. Be careful what you wish for. God help those that would actually make such an absurd comment.
  • 6/26/2015 Chouteau County, MT: 100 degrees or more for the next 3 days and no rain in sight. The winter wheat is turning and the spring wheat is burning. Harvest will be at least 2 weeks ahead of normal. 
  • 6/24/2015 Walsh County, ND: An early spring start ended with the last field seeded June 12. We reseed 160 canola, but should have done more, the way it looks. Early wheat and barley crops look very good. Sunflowers and edible beans planted early June are doing ok. We have had 6 rains in June, but all have been a few days apart, and ranging from .25 to .85 each time. We could use more heat and sunshine. I feel for those that have gotten 20-30 inches this spring. We lived thru that nightmare in 1993.
  • 6/24/2015 Haakon County, SD: very dry early. Most of the wheat taken out. Corn in and up. Trying to plant flowers have not turned a wheel for a week and a day. Wet.
  • 6/23/2015 Garfield County, OK: Wheat is 10 to 15 bushel average with test weights around 57, muddy and weeds growing everywhere some fields won't be cut.  
  • 6/22/2015 Saint Clair County, IL: Since last Monday I have received 6.6 inches of rain. The beans that I planted last Sunday and Monday are done. More rain predicted for most of the week, with very good chances for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Very good probability that a lot of beans around here wont even get planted. Have heard reports that the wheat is sprouting in the heads. That will be 2 years in a row of bad wheat, thankfully I don't have any. How much more of this are we going to have to endure?. I guess if the USDA keeps preaching everything is wonderful everywhere, even they will believe the lies.
  • 6/17/2015 Montgomery County, MO: BEYOND WET! Wheat smells b/c it's rotting. Ever left a bale of straw out in rain? That's what it smells like here. Wheat turning black today....
  • 6/10/2015 Denton County, TX: Still too muddy and wet to get combines into fields. Wheat stalks are rotten, grain has massive sprout damage and is lying flat on the mud. Had thunder showers yesterday. Give me back the drought over this rotten wheat and nasty mud! Great to hear from Washington that we are going to average 35 Bu. instead of 10 Bu., 30-40 % sprout damage and 45 test weight. 
  • 6/9/2015 Putnam County, IN: crops look great in our area. we were dry until last weekend of may then got 4.1 inch soaker over a 20 hour period. another rain on june 7th and 8th gave us 1.7 inches. managed to get 1st cut hay put up in between rains. most fields need sprayed but are to wet. most corn is now to tall to side dress and some guys didn't get it done. had some hail in last storm, very minor damage. wheat is looking pretty good and is probably 20 to 25 days from harvest. 

  • 6/8/2015 Montgomery County, MO: had a perfect spring until rains arrive May 15th and have not left!!! Many were waiting for a rain before planting and now are waiting for it to quit. Wheat has much disease,,,as usual again. All crops standing in water for weeks! another 1.5 inches last night, So far we've had 15 inches. Can't post corn spray, flew on some, what a way to farm. Can't replant soybeans or corn. neighbors tried but it didn't matter, water standing again day after planted in muddy conditions. The area affected that I know of starts around Columbia MO and stretches Northeast to Quincy IL...what a disaster area! 
  • 6/5/2015 Williamson County, TX: We have been harvesting wheat the past two days and we are averaging 20 bushels per acre. The wet weather made the wheat rotten and it breaks off before getting in the header. We usually made 40 – 60 bushel wheat on normal years. We do have some better wheat on other farms if we can get it. The drought was better than all this rain we've had.
  • 6/2/2015 Cavalier County, ND: The crops here in north Dakota, the wheat here is way behind average since it has been hit with frost several times some of the earlier planted wheat and the ones with FARGO one it are about dead, and about every farmer around here has had to replant about half if not all of there canola and beans. On May 29 it was freezing for 8 hours and the low got to 21 degrees at are farm that kills about everything.
  • 6/2/2015 Washington County, CO: Wheat has rust, 10 to 30 percent freeze damage, some hail damage and some other disease pressure. A lot of guys aren't going to spray for rust with the freeze damage already. Will be below average crop at best in our area. Some of the remaining unplanted corn acres will not be planted due to wet weather.
  • 5/30/2015 Cooke County, TX: Had 4 1/2 inches of rain and storms last night. Flooded across 85 acres of wheat, its in mud with lots of logs, trees and brush covering the wheat. Rest of wheat standing in 3 inches water as water has no place to run off. Wish some of these wheat crop experts would get out the office, off their computers, come to the real world and evaluate crop conditions. Surely their positions are covered by now.  
  • 5/28/2015 Deuel County, NE: Stripe rust hitting here. Aerial sprayers are busy! 
  • 5/28/2015 Decatur County, IN: Extremely dry in our area, some fields have received less than 3/4 an inch of rain the last 30 days. Many clay knobs will not emerge until we get some rain. Wheat looks excellent and is ahead of normal as of now. Been done for some time and finished 1st cutting of hay last weekend. 
  • 5/27/2015 San Diego County, CA: Would like to hear more from farmers in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas etc. on the impact of the record flooding rains on wheat & other crops--are the crops in trouble? I think the trading pits are way too optimistic and prices are way too low. Out here in California, the drought continues--expect to pay more for California vegetables & fruit. Can we pipe in some of that excess rainwater?  
  • 5/27/2015 Wise County, TX: 2 1/2 inches of rain along with hail and high winds. Total rain for May, 20.3, normal 5. Wheat a disaster. Grain Sorghum is yellow or washed away. Wheat that was top dressed before the floods is down, sprouting and rotting. The non top dressed is standing because it might yield 10-20 Bu. until this evenings hail. Wheat is a BUST. This disaster will get attention as soon as the traders get positions locked-in.  
  • 5/27/2015 Minnehaha County, SD: Okay guys, you must all be liars, the "pros/experts" surely don't see anything wrong out here so we must be blind! It's already a record and we have to take what they will give us because they don't need it anyway! Heard on agri talk market wrap that poor wheat will replace corn in feed rations, so one more reason we have to take less, for both crops! When will we learn? It's May 27th and I don't see a record yet, but let's speculate that it is a good one, thank GOD we have the ability to do it! At least I can sleep at night, oh the expert/pro/analysts can too because it's obvious they have no conscience! 
  • 5/26/2015 Cheyenne County, NE: Almost a years worth of moisture in the last 7 weeks along with some snow and freezing temps. Can't spray because its muddy. In 2002 we couldn't buy a rain, moderation in precipitation would be a blessing. Wheat diseases are going to be a real concern. Dry weather for two weeks would be very welcome. 
  • 5/25/2015 Stoddard County, MO: We have had 14 dry days here in southeast Missouri to get our crops planted. Most of the corn and cotton acres got planted, but very few soybean and rice acres. One of the worst springs in my 28 years of farming. The wheat crop will be a disaster. 
  • 5/23/2015 Montgomery County, MO: totally agree w/Swift Co. MN. We too were having best spring ever until the rains started and have not stopped. More in forecast for rest of May. Crops suffering. Lots to replant. Expecting wheat to get diseased and docked again for test weight. But old timers say "if it goes in bad, it'll turn out good". So we got that going for us. LOL 
  • 5/23/2015 Denton County, TX: Wheat has been blown down and beat down by 16 inches of rain in last 30 days, for the sixth time. Wheat has drown in many fields. Starting to rot with 3-6 inches forecast for this weekend. If no rains for three weeks, soils would still be too wet to harvest. Wheat was 80-90 bu in April. If we could harvest tomorrow- would be thankful for 15-20 yield with 50 test weight. No more rain, Please!
  • 5/20/2015 Chicot County, AR: Crops here are in good shape for now. Corn knee high to waist high- beans ankle to knee high. Rice anywhere from just emerging to 8" tall. Just received much needed 2" rain on 5/18. Wheat harvest starts in about 10 days to 2 weeks. Good Luck!!

  • 5/20/2015 Cheyenne County, NE: Will 6 hours at 32 deg. hurt wheat that is heading? 

  • 5/20/2015 Dickinson County, KS: We are extremely wet here after being dry all winter. The wheat is turning white in the low areas. No beans planted here that I am aware of. Corn is up but needs some sunshine and dry weather. We have heavy rains predicted over the next several days. We haven't had a major flood in our area for 7 or 8 years. Maybe we are due. I hope not. 






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