VIewers Speak Out

Published on: 08:59AM Nov 15, 2010

Editor's Note:  The following comments were received following the November 13-14, 2010 edition of U.S. Farm Report...


   I farm in Midland MI. and a cheap dollar will make the price of corn, beans, and wheat go up in the USA. To foreign buyers they will seem the same or cheaper. That will get us more sales, GREAT. There is always a but...foreign input will cost us more to buy oil, fertilizers  and more for our seed grown outside the USA, and any thing imported. The other dirty secret is everyone gets a pay cut. The money you earn stays the same but does not buy as much. People living on fixed incomes don't get the interest they once did. So to live they have to dip into savings. We in AG are lucky at least for a while. Working people however, and most other's standard of living will drop and then they will wonder what happened. So sing the praises of QE2, a $13,718,935,000,000.00 National debt. With a social security, prescription drug and medicare unfunded liability of $111,251,059,000,000.00 as of 11/13/2010. If all this good news keeps going, corn will be $20.00 in ten years or less. WONT THAT BE GREAT!! It will not however buy a gallon of gas.

Yours Truly,

Kevin Draves



   This a community surrounded by poor communities with no jobs and the governor has helped kill dairy farming. Now read what has happened to our area and of the poor (depressed) state of Kentucky.
Mr. D. Richards