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LIVESTOCK 11:29AM Oct 22, 2019

On Calf Sale Day, You've Got A Name

Marketing professionals encourage ranchers to have conversations with calf sales reps to help find the program that is most relevant for your management and genetics.


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"Combining for Curtis": A Harvest Full of Heart

A combine is more than just a machine for Curtis Lewis; it’s his office. “Custom harvesting, I’ve been doing that all my life,” said Curtis Lewis, who lives in Bates
07:21AM Oct 22, 2019 By surrounding your business with the right people, you can
11:00AM Oct 21, 2019 Here’s how to transform troublesome employees into all-stars.
09:48AM Oct 21, 2019 Cargill's Dodge City, Kan., beef processing facility was back online
03:00PM Oct 22, 2019 Harvest is only 30% complete, well behind the five-year average.
02:12PM Oct 22, 2019 Chinese-owned Syngenta will contribute $2 billion over the next five
01:12PM Oct 22, 2019 Return-on-investment is more of a function of corn yield, not
02:26PM Oct 22, 2019
Costco Poultry Plant Opens in Nebraska
The Costco poultry plant in Fremont, Nebraska is officially open
02:05PM Oct 22, 2019 The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research and the National
02:03PM Oct 22, 2019 While December futures prices struggle to break through $4, the
02:37PM Oct 22, 2019
Analysis: Is There Potential In Actually Getting China Deal Done?
It’s a question many in farm country ask: “Is there
02:29PM Oct 22, 2019
USDA Reports U.S. is Free of the Plum Pox Virus
USDA reports the U.S. is free of the plum pox
02:16PM Oct 22, 2019
Washington Source: Dems Holding As Many USMCA Meetings as Impeachment
Farm Journal Washington Correspondent Jim Wiesemeyer reporting House Democrats are
03:36PM Oct 22, 2019 Diviine Flavor, Nogales, Ariz., is focusing on extending the Mexican
02:04PM Oct 22, 2019
Stocks Rose Monday Due To China Trade News
The Dow Jones Industrial Average are still in the green
10:22AM Oct 22, 2019 The Department of Commerce, acting on a request by U.S.
03:22PM Oct 22, 2019
Weather This Week and the Next 30 Days
Was this week’s rainfall enough to fight drought conditions, and
02:09PM Oct 22, 2019
Will the Northern Plains See Snow Wednesday?
There’s a front in the Northwest making its way to
10:06AM Oct 21, 2019
AgDay Weather: Expect Precipitation in the Southeast
Tropical storm Nestor is expected to bring precipitation in the