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POLICY 14:27PM Nov 22, 2019

Signal to Noise: Impeachment Plays a Role in USMCA Delay

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week said a vote on the U.S., Canada, Mexico agreement will likely slide into 2020, a sign that impeachment hearings are taking a toll on progress in Washington.


Stephanie MercierSenior Policy and Advocacy Adviser

The Problem with Feral Hogs

The Problem with Feral Hogs In the wake of dual mass shootings in early August of 2019 in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, the issue of feral hogs briefly
01:19PM Nov 22, 2019
In the Age of Animal Activism, Is Your Farm a Target Next?
This year Fair Oaks Farms was targeted by an activist
12:11PM Nov 22, 2019
Wages for Farm Labor Increase from 2018 According to USDA
Congress is taking steps to address the labor crisis facing
12:05PM Nov 22, 2019
USDA Releases Updated Ag Import and Export Numbers
USDA says U.S. ag exports are projected to total $134.5
08:03AM Nov 22, 2019 Tom and Kerry Dull saw a void in their Indiana
05:30AM Nov 22, 2019 Good Morning from Allendale, Inc. with the early morning commentary
08:47AM Nov 21, 2019 Formal charges were filed in U.S. District Court in St.
08:00AM Nov 25, 2019 Design facilities with the ability to accommodate the future growth
01:31PM Nov 22, 2019 AMS will host a stakeholder meeting in Kansas City, December
01:30PM Nov 22, 2019 For the first time in 19 months, China’s inventory of
02:27PM Nov 22, 2019 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week said a vote on
08:30AM Nov 22, 2019 Your state department of agriculture might have just the answer—and
10:57AM Nov 21, 2019 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is meeting Thursday with USTR Robert
11:58AM Nov 22, 2019
U of I Economist: Net Income Will Decline More Than $80,000 per Farm
The University of Illinois says it will affect farm incomes
10:53AM Nov 22, 2019 Could a slow turnaround be in sight for the rural
09:32AM Nov 22, 2019
As Harvest Drags On, When Will the True 2019 Crop Size Be Revealed?
Late planting this spring meant the crop was slow to
11:35AM Nov 22, 2019
AgDay Weather: Analyzing the Drought Monitor
The U.S. Drought Monitor shows drought growth in the Southwest.
03:18PM Nov 21, 2019
Dry Areas are Getting Drier in the Root Zone Moisture Map
Meteorologist Cindi Clawson has an update on the latest root
03:00PM Nov 20, 2019
Not Snow, But Rain for Portions of the Country
Meteorologist Kimberly Newman says rain and wind are in the