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CROPS 14:29PM Sep 30, 2020

Harvest 2020: Some Homeruns, Some Swing and Miss

It’s all hands on deck across the Midwest as farmers race to gather crops before bad weather descends and crop integrity deteriorates.


Jon Scheve

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05:59PM Sep 30, 2020 Many crops qualifying for CFAP#2 will be paid based upon
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Susterra will be Mosaic’s first bio-based phosphate fertilizer (14-24-0-10S +

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Anuvia is on the cusp of its commercial production--more than

02:29PM Sep 30, 2020

It’s all hands on deck across the Midwest as farmers

09:42AM Sep 30, 2020

With the Sept. 30, 2020 approval of XtendFlex soybeans, farmers

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Trust In Food, a Farm Journal initiative, today announced that

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Check out what we've got in store for day four

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The antitrust class-action lawsuit alleging America’s largest beef packers conspired

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Farm Journal Live Dairy Week: Tom Vilsack - U.S. Dairy Export Council

A look at global sales of U.S. dairy with U.S

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The end of the comment period for the U.S. Department

10:56AM Sep 29, 2020

House Agriculture Committee lists ag provisions of the Heroes2 Act.

09:12AM Sep 28, 2020 In 2020, U.S. farmers have been encumbered by a number
06:07PM Sep 30, 2020

Hans Eben is the new CEO of Agricom Ltda., a

05:07PM Sep 30, 2020

Chicago Board of Trade grain and soybean futures soared on

04:18PM Sep 30, 2020

Port Manatee, Palmetto, Fla., has earned recertification for the U.S

02:38PM Sep 26, 2020

Atmospheric smoke has obscured grape-ripening sunlight while ash has coated

03:49PM Sep 25, 2020

Meteorologist Matt Yarosewick has a look at the latest drought

03:30PM Sep 24, 2020
Tropical Weather Continues to Hit the Southeast With Rain

Meteorologist Matt Yarosewick has more on the rain that's hitting