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MARKETS 14:13PM Jan 24, 2020

Jerry Gulke: Markets Show Negative Response to Good News

The grain markets continue a negative trend – despite good demand news.


Dan Hueber

Quality issues front and center

I have made mention in previous letters of the potential problems that may await us concerning the quality of corn produced in the upper Midwest this year. Be it in
11:01AM Jan 24, 2020
1973 Is the Wettest Year On Record, What Happened In 1974?

NOAA shows 2019 was the second wettest year on record

09:02AM Jan 24, 2020

Farmers and farmland owners can lose 30% or more of

07:30AM Jan 24, 2020

Create a simple, viable and active strategy for your farm.

04:34AM Jan 24, 2020 Good Morning from Allendale, Inc. with the early morning commentary
01:27PM Jan 23, 2020

Joining the fight against these foes is FMC’s Authority Edge

08:50AM Jan 23, 2020

The attorney general in Wyoming has said the state is

03:59PM Jan 24, 2020
University Experts Debate the Path to Outstanding Silage and Haylage

The process of achieving high quality silage begins in the

03:27PM Jan 24, 2020

A recent study from the University of Illinois shows that

02:56PM Jan 24, 2020

Cash-traded feeder pig reported volume was below average this past

01:37PM Jan 24, 2020

Ag leaders and economists plan to go to USDA next

01:00PM Jan 24, 2020
Could Poor Quality Corn Hinder Exports to China?

The U.S. may have plenty of corn to export, but

02:01PM Jan 23, 2020

If elected president, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) plans to immediately

03:46PM Jan 24, 2020 Market Watch with Alan Brugler January 24, 2020 Cold Water
02:13PM Jan 24, 2020

The grain markets continue a negative trend – despite good

02:02PM Jan 24, 2020
What If U.S. Farmers Plant 95 Million Acres of Corn in 2020?

As the market starts to transition its focus to 2020

03:20PM Jan 23, 2020
Snow in the South, Rain in the North?

Meteorologist Mike Hoffman takes a closer look at a strange

03:51PM Jan 21, 2020
Another Active Weather Pattern on the Way

Meteorologist Mike Hoffman is tracking another round of winter weather

08:03AM Jan 21, 2020

In one of the most heavily ignored and needless catastrophes