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MACHINERY 08:37AM Nov 13, 2019

DIY Farm Technology Rises: Brian Tischler’s Open-Source Vision

Brian Tischler has put a shoulder to the door of open-source farm technology by designing software, AgOpenGPS, for a precision mapping and tractor automation program, and placing the project online for free download.


John PhippsColumnist

John Phipps: Farmers' Share of Food Dollar Isn't Easily Portrayed

Regular viewer Dean Franklin asks about a familiar farmer complaint: “After the recent Tyson fire and the increase in what already seems high cost beef, the Farmers raising the beef
10:47AM Nov 13, 2019 The Board of Directors recently announced Chuck Lippstreu will be
09:29AM Nov 13, 2019 The current tax law makes trading in farm machinery a
05:08PM Nov 12, 2019
Bankruptcy Truth: Why Dean Foods’ Business Model Was Not Sustainable
Industry insiders say DFA was the obvious backstop for the
07:53AM Nov 13, 2019 Good Morning from Allendale, Inc. with the early morning commentary
04:25PM Nov 12, 2019 Excess rainfall this year changed more than just farmers’ harvest
11:37AM Nov 12, 2019 BioConsortia, Inc., a California-based company that creates microbial solutions for
10:46AM Nov 13, 2019
Angus VNR: What’s the buzz about beef?
Ten or 15 years ago, people used vitamin and supplement
10:14AM Nov 13, 2019 This year’s outbreak of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) hasn’t died
04:38PM Nov 12, 2019 Unauthorized experimental vaccines against African swine fever are being used
10:03AM Nov 13, 2019 This committee provides independent policy advice, information and recommendations to
03:28PM Nov 11, 2019 When the topic of sustainability comes up cattle circles, it’s
02:48PM Nov 11, 2019 The Dairy Margin Coverage program (DMC), that went into effect
08:15AM Nov 13, 2019 Corn (December) Fundamentals : December corn futures caught a bid
07:59AM Nov 13, 2019 Improve your grain marketing! Visit
05:35PM Nov 12, 2019 Live Cattle (December) December live cattle spent majority of the
04:04PM Nov 12, 2019
When Will We Get a Break From This Early Cold Snap?
Meteorologist Kimberly Newman has some good news and bad news
03:29PM Nov 11, 2019
Cold Air is Starting to Cut off Moisture
Meteorologist Mike Hoffman has an update on the rainfall totals
11:33AM Nov 11, 2019
Propane Crisis Grows as Cold Snap Hits Midwest
The propane issues continue to plague Iowa farmers as harvest