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CROPS 14:13PM Aug 07, 2020

Scout to Set Harvest Expectations

While there’s little left you can do to change corn and soybean yields, you still need to scout.


Sonja BegemannSeeds and Crop Production Editor

4-H Teen’s Community Garden Feeds Local Households

In an effort to not only feed needy families in her community, but also to teach others about how produce is grown, Janya Green leads tours and tends to food
10:00AM Aug 07, 2020

Reduced clout could complicate the industry's efforts to secure changes

09:10AM Aug 07, 2020

Growmark Inc. and Southern States Cooperative will a close on

08:47AM Aug 07, 2020

Indiana-based agricultural cooperatives Co-Alliance, LLP and Harvest Land Cooperative announced

02:13PM Aug 07, 2020

While there’s little left you can do to change corn

01:25PM Aug 07, 2020
Can Corn and Soybean Prices Handle Possible Record National Yields?

StoneX group released its survey-based yield estimates, producing a possible

08:01AM Aug 07, 2020 Good Morning from Allendale, Inc. with the early morning commentary
01:23PM Aug 06, 2020

Leaving a legacy is sometimes complicated by the unknown of

01:09PM Aug 06, 2020

Two senior Republican U.S. senators from top farm states have

10:20AM Aug 06, 2020

FWS Director Aurelia Skipwith will share the agency’s perspective on

02:09PM Aug 07, 2020

Even though Congress has failed to reach a deal on

09:17AM Aug 05, 2020

Senior U.S. and Chinese officials will review the implementation of

03:06PM Aug 04, 2020
Proposed rule promises better organic enforcement

A proposed rule from the U.S. Department of Agriculture aims

01:48PM Aug 07, 2020

The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Friday reported private sales

10:04AM Aug 07, 2020 After seeing many of the bean shelves become alarmingly barren
09:35AM Aug 07, 2020

From Pro Farmer’s First Thing Today, these are some of

03:54PM Aug 06, 2020
Could China’s Massive Rainstorms Be A “Black Swan” for Markets?

Areas of China have been inundated by a monsoon, bringing

02:11PM Aug 06, 2020
AgDay Weather: “Break” From Heat May Be Short-Lived

Did you receive a break from the “heat” this week

03:13PM Aug 05, 2020
Cooler Temperatures Continue for Now

A portion of the country is experiencing “cooler” temperatures, but