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Signal to Noise
POLICY 20:46PM Jul 02, 2020

Signal to Noise: The China Signal to Watch For

As tensions with China grow, Pro Farmer's Jim Wiesemeyer has a key signal to watch for that would indicate the Phase One trade deal is in trouble.


Dan Hueber

Keep your friends close...

While the origin is in question, there is an old proverb that says, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” I could not help but think of this when
03:30PM Jul 02, 2020

Ensure your time investment creates farm profitability.

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A Day With Vendors As They Serve Up Fair Food

Photojournalist, Russ Hnatusko, recently to traveled to Ohio where those

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Grains Stocks Numbers Have Been Released — Now What?

“We pretty much took 1 billion bushels off of production,”

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One of the greatest barriers to growing non-GMO corn or

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Tar Spot has been lurking in Midwest fields since 2015—and

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Following from Farm to Flag, Cotton is Woven into Fabric of America

A new cotton program helps trace cotton from farm all

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The issue is commonly thought of as a problem in

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RELIEF for Producers Act of 2020 would compensate hog producers

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Understanding U.S. beef import strategy requires an understanding of the

07:00AM Jul 05, 2020 By John Rigolizzo Jr.: Berlin, New Jersey I once touched
08:46PM Jul 02, 2020

As tensions with China grow, Pro Farmer's Jim Wiesemeyer has

07:55PM Jul 02, 2020

Now that the USMCA has begun, what can we say

04:54PM Jul 02, 2020 Market Watch with Austin Schroeder July 2, 2020 Cause for
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With Acreage Surprise, What Will it Take to Get to $4 Corn?

USDA released a surprise drop to corn acres in its

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Watch for ‘An Early Low’ With Corn Prices

“We know even with continuing rainfall that heat during grain

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Expect Heat to Continue

It’s not only July but now it feels like it

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AgDay Weather: Really Wet Weather in South Central United States

There may be one more storm before the holiday.

09:24AM Jun 30, 2020
Temperatures to Reach the Triple Digits in Southern Plains

The heat is sticking around for most of the country