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LIVESTOCK 15:56PM Sep 18, 2020

Cash Cattle And Futures Turn Higher

This week's higher cash and futures prices have traders looking for additional gains next week. Packers gave up some leverage but their margins remain excellent.


Paul NeifferThe Farm CPA Blogger

CFAP2 Details

USDA just released the details on CFAP2. This will be a program separate from the first CFAP and will have separate payment limits of $250,000 per entity per person. If
01:59PM Sep 21, 2020

The economic benefit of farm data usually comes in the

01:51PM Sep 21, 2020

The first two of 16 U.S. Crop Watch fields were

12:18PM Sep 21, 2020

The virtual event will focus on three key themes: environmental

03:45PM Sep 18, 2020

The agency announced its interim decision regarding these herbicides Friday

12:31PM Sep 18, 2020
As Soybeans Surge Above $10, Here’s Why Soybeans May Be Overbought

Soybeans prices seemed unstoppable this week, but with the market

10:29AM Sep 18, 2020

Farmers impacted by economic fallout from COVID-19 will be eligible

11:05AM Sep 20, 2020

It doesn’t have to be difficult or complex to pay

03:56PM Sep 18, 2020

This week's higher cash and futures prices have traders looking

02:56PM Sep 18, 2020

During its anniversary year, the institute will celebrate the importance

03:10PM Sep 18, 2020
Signal to Noise: Just How Much Corn Is China Buying?

This week's DC Signal to Noise Podcast includes updates on

01:14PM Sep 18, 2020

The NAICC says the processes that are currently employed for

10:04AM Sep 18, 2020

USDA Deputy Secretary Steve Censky will leave the agency in

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11:52AM Sep 21, 2020 Despite accusations to the contrary, undoubtedly leveled by those on
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10:09AM Sep 21, 2020 Ag Relief Details Announced The second round of the Coronavirus
06:56PM Sep 16, 2020 In case you missed it you can now share the
01:30PM Sep 08, 2020

As the Great Plains see plunging temperatures this week, one