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MACHINERY 07:50AM Sep 29, 2020

Predator Tractor Unleashed on Farmland by Ag’s True Maverick

A blacked-out John Deere tractor is running the rows, courtesy of Robert Precht, one of American agriculture’s true mavericks.


Jon Scheve

What's In Your Grain Marketing Toolbox?

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02:03PM Sep 29, 2020

Industry analysts are predicting a highly unlikely scenario when it

10:12AM Sep 29, 2020

Texas Tech University researchers are digging into cutting edge research

03:33PM Sep 28, 2020

The Illinois soybeans were the third of 16 U.S. Crop

09:08AM Sep 28, 2020

In a long-awaited announcement, the European Union Monday stated it

03:36PM Sep 27, 2020
I-80 Harvest Tour Northern IL: “I Think We’ll Have an ‘OK’ Yield

I-80 Harvest Tour 2020 Northern IL: “I Think We’ll Have

02:40PM Sep 29, 2020

Check out what we've got in store for day three

10:56AM Sep 29, 2020

House Agriculture Committee lists ag provisions of the Heroes2 Act.

09:19AM Sep 29, 2020
Farm Journal Live: Alice in Dairyland and Dairy Market Analysis

Today on Farm Journal Live, Alice in Dairyland and dairy

09:12AM Sep 28, 2020 In 2020, U.S. farmers have been encumbered by a number
06:50PM Sep 27, 2020

(UPDATED) The Food and Drug Administration has proposed new traceability

05:11PM Sep 27, 2020

As plant-based diets become more trendier, is the next phase

07:54AM Sep 30, 2020 Today's USDA report will be out at 11:00 AM CT
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02:29PM Sep 29, 2020

Because of reduced travel and other complications associated with COVID-19

02:38PM Sep 26, 2020

Atmospheric smoke has obscured grape-ripening sunlight while ash has coated

03:49PM Sep 25, 2020

Meteorologist Matt Yarosewick has a look at the latest drought

03:30PM Sep 24, 2020
Tropical Weather Continues to Hit the Southeast With Rain

Meteorologist Matt Yarosewick has more on the rain that's hitting