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LIVESTOCK 16:54PM Feb 19, 2020

Progressive Beef™ Celebrates Record Growth

Progressive Beef™, a cattle management and sustainability system for feedlots, says more than two million cattle have been certified through the program and nearly four million cattle will be certified this year.


Jon Scheve

Why “Free” DP Hurts Grain Prices For All Farmers

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01:23PM Feb 19, 2020

Colorado is the first state to announce it has successfully

08:34PM Feb 18, 2020

About 36 hours after Skip Klinefelter’s tweet was sent, Climate

04:14PM Feb 18, 2020

Industry icon Ron Farrell’s legacy will live long into the

06:30PM Feb 19, 2020 Many planters now have special electrical connectors on their row
06:21AM Feb 19, 2020 Good Morning from Allendale, Inc. with the early morning commentary
11:16AM Feb 18, 2020

For some farmers, excess moisture led to depleted nutrients, which

04:54PM Feb 19, 2020

Progressive Beef™, a cattle management and sustainability system for feedlots

04:12PM Feb 19, 2020

Have you noticed your electricity bill starting to climb up

03:42PM Feb 19, 2020

Help your crop get off to the best start possible

11:08AM Feb 19, 2020

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has filed an administrative complaint

10:51AM Feb 19, 2020

New U.S. Department of Agriculture agricultural projections to 2029 Tv

08:06AM Feb 19, 2020

Increased regulations and other issues have prompted San Miguel Produce

09:06AM Feb 19, 2020 The bean market could be getting its nose bent out
08:11AM Feb 19, 2020 Corn (May) Fundamentals: May corn futures caught a bid yesterday
07:59AM Feb 19, 2020 Improve your grain marketing! Visit
03:58PM Feb 19, 2020
Winter Isn't Done Yet!

Winter still has its grip on portions of the country.

03:56PM Feb 18, 2020
Dry Weather is on the Way

Meteorologist Mike Hoffman says portions of the country are dealing

03:44PM Feb 17, 2020
California Inches Deeper in Drought

According to the United States Drought Monitor, 46 percent of