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MARKETS 15:34PM Dec 06, 2019

Post-Thanksgiving Trading Trend Holds True … So Far

Thanksgiving can be one of those lines in the sand for the grain markets. History shows markets commonly made a trend change around the fall holiday.


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John Phipps: Internet's Impact on GDP

Last week something happened in our home that illustrates one problem economists are having measuring economic progress. The go-to metric is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and we track it
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John Phipps: Internet's Impact on GDP
The Internet has introduced new less detectable additions to our
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05:09AM Dec 09, 2019 I am scheduled for early morning travel to begin this
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Arctic Air Moving in Next Week
Meteorologist Mike Hoffman has an update on the Drought Monitor
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Mother Nature to Provide Few Spring Field Work Windows Again in 2020
A wet weather pattern isn't helping harvest progress, and the