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ROW CROPS 13:56PM Aug 04, 2020

#PFTour20 Challenge: Same Routes, Same Data, Fewer Scouts

Adapt is the theme of this year’s Pro Farmer Crop Tour. They’re adapting to smaller number of scouts, gathering restrictions and new virtual meetings.


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Gian Paul Gonzalez to Share Inspiration at Farm Journal Field Days

By Mary Magnuson In 2011, speaker Gian Paul Gonzalez led the New York Giants to a Super Bowl victory with his famed ‘all in’ speech. And now, as the keynote
04:56PM Aug 04, 2020

“Ethanol will not have a growth future. It will have

02:01PM Aug 04, 2020

The New American Farm Show Aug. 25-27

10:37AM Aug 04, 2020

Each year, Farm Journal surveys farmers to understand what influences

01:56PM Aug 04, 2020

Adapt is the theme of this year’s Pro Farmer Crop

01:49PM Aug 04, 2020

Learn what to expect if you’re switching to non-GMO seed

10:18AM Aug 04, 2020

Pending approval and discussion, Roundup, dicamba and PCBs cases could

01:52PM Aug 04, 2020

America's lamb industry lost 20% of its processing with the

02:37PM Aug 03, 2020

Changes in body condition score during the transition period can

12:10PM Aug 03, 2020

Declines in dairy cow slaughter have more than offset an

03:06PM Aug 04, 2020

A proposed rule from the U.S. Department of Agriculture aims

05:57AM Aug 04, 2020
Investing in a more equitable food safety net

The Packer’s Tom Karst visited in July with Tevis Foreman

03:38PM Jul 31, 2020

This week will likely see a mad rush to come

10:11AM Aug 04, 2020 Lifeless, uninspired, dreary, lackluster, take your pick. Any of these
09:41AM Aug 04, 2020

From Pro Farmer’s First Thing Today, these are some of

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10:01AM Aug 04, 2020

The weather forecasts for heat and heavy storms point to

05:03PM Aug 03, 2020
AgDay Meteorologist Shows “30 Day Forecast”

August is a big month for crops, especially for soybean

12:47PM Jul 31, 2020
Lots of Weather Activity for the Weekend

AgDay meteorologist Matt Yarosewick says there will be quite a