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China Tariffs
BUSINESS 14:34PM Aug 23, 2019

China Will Raise Tariffs On Beef, Pork - Trump Calls Companies Home

Chinese officials on Friday announced increased tariffs on a host of U.S. agricultural goods, including a 10% increase on beef and pork.


Anna-Lisa LacaOnline and Business Editor

A Virtual Tour of Pro Farmer’s Midwest Crop Tour

THURSDAY: Crop Tour Scouts will finish sampling Iowa and finish Minnesota today. RESULTS: Results: Iowa Corn Dominates Estimates, Minnesota is Just Below 2018 Tour Results Show Best-Case Scenario For Corn,
14:34PM Aug 23, 2019 Chinese officials on Friday announced increased tariffs on a host
07:37AM Aug 23, 2019 China has announced it will raise tariffs on $75 billion
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