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ROW CROPS 13:45PM Jan 28, 2020

New to Cover Crops? Make Sure You Terminate Them In Time

Farmers took PP on 20 million acres. This unprecedented event had farmers looking for solutions, something to offset erosion, suppress weeds and stop fallow field syndrome. For many that meant using cover crops.


Jennifer Shike

Set the Record Straight on ASF and the Pork Industry

Do you think the U.S. swine herd will get African swine fever? I watched her face as she worked to pull together everything she could to come up with the
11:29PM Jan 28, 2020 Form 1099-PATR has been around for many years without too
04:03PM Jan 28, 2020

The five promotions represent leaders for the five customer-facing operating

01:46PM Jan 28, 2020

Landus Cooperative launched new app features that were developed by

03:27AM Jan 29, 2020 Good Morning from Allendale, Inc. with the early morning commentary
01:45PM Jan 28, 2020

Farmers took PP on 20 million acres. This unprecedented event

11:37AM Jan 28, 2020

U.S. corn is not only the cheapest in the world

03:50PM Jan 28, 2020
Listen More, Talk Less: Mike Paustian Takes On Leadership of Iowa Pork

Iowa pig farmer Mike Paustian shares his journey from science

03:21PM Jan 28, 2020

The West Virginia Department of Agriculture (WVDA) has confirmed the

03:08PM Jan 28, 2020

Pork producers to discuss Pork Checkoff successes and future direction

12:55PM Jan 28, 2020

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has determined that Jeff Pfaff

10:02AM Jan 27, 2020

To bolster the nation’s defenses against foreign animal diseases, NPPC

09:51AM Jan 27, 2020 On January 15, 2020, President Donald Trump and Chinese Vice
08:03AM Jan 29, 2020 Corn (March) Fundamentals: March corn futures rallied back yesterday on
08:02AM Jan 29, 2020 Improve your grain marketing! Visit
06:08AM Jan 29, 2020 Live Cattle (April) In yesterday’s report we talked about pressing
03:57PM Jan 28, 2020
Expect Precipitation in Pacific Northwest and Southern Plains

If you live in the Central Plains, chances are you

11:01AM Jan 24, 2020
1973 Is the Wettest Year On Record, What Happened In 1974?

NOAA shows 2019 was the second wettest year on record

03:20PM Jan 23, 2020
Snow in the South, Rain in the North?

Meteorologist Mike Hoffman takes a closer look at a strange