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06:44AM Sep 29, 2020

John Phipps: The Biggest Weather Threat May Not Be in Your Backyard

Some rare years, summer weather on our farms matches our hopes well enough we don’t think about it often. I’d

06:44AM Sep 29, 2020

John Phipps: Sustainable Agriculture Movements Often Miss the Mark

While it’s always been a buzzword, sustainability has grown into a movement. It pervades the food chain, but also energy

06:44AM Sep 29, 2020

‘Living In The Human Age’

Dennis Dimick wants you to see what he sees. As a 35-year veteran of National Geographic, he has traveled the

06:44AM Sep 29, 2020

John Phipps: The Possibility of Harvest Headaches in 2019

I’m standing in my usual location when I want to talk about crop issues or field conditions. It’s just across

06:44AM Sep 29, 2020

Rain...Enough Already

COMMENTARY:  Alright, I think its time to have a heart to heart. No, not with you, with that beautiful dame we